Dimension of Time


The Dimension of Time


The Dimension of Time (aka The Plane of Time) is blanketed in eternal fog and vapor. Creatures traveling this plane can see a few feet in front of their position and that’s about it. Even darkvision and magical forms of seeing have difficulty here. The ground is formed of dust and sand and appears as a vast, windswept desert. For the most part, the plane is relatively flat, though dust and sand dunes dot the landscape.

The Plane of Time is hospitable to plane jumpers for the most part. The air is breathable and the temperate is always comfortable. Dangers presented by this plane include areas where a person can age rapidly, withering away into nothing, or regress in age to the point of becoming an infant again. Thankfully such areas are rare.

Planar features of the Plane of Time are paradox cyclones, infinity regions, time storms, vapor pockets, and sand or dust storms.

The Dimension of Time also abuts the Akashic Record and its storms affect the ability to travel there.

The Plane of Time has the following planar traits:

  • Gravity: Normal Gravity. The Plane of Time has gravity similar to that of the Material Plane. The usual rules for ability scores, carrying capacity, and encumbrance apply.
  • Time: Erratic time. The Plane of Time has several areas where time flows faster, some areas where time flows slower, and still some areas where time doesn’t flow at all.
  • Size: Infinite size.
  • Morphic Traits: Magically morphic. Certain spells modify the base material of the Plane of Time. The utility and power of these spells within the Plane of Time make them particularly useful for explorers and natives alike.
  • Enhanced Magic: Spells that affect time or deal with time, such as foresight or time stop, and so on function as if prepared with both the Extend Spell and Enlarge Spell feats.
Plane of Time from the Tome of Horrors Complete, Copyright 2011, Necromancer Games, Inc., published and distributed by Frog God Games; Authors Scott Greene and Erica Balsley.

Dimension of Time

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