Demon Lords



Although demon lords are in most cases not true deities, they are close enough to divine status to serve as objects of worship for mortals. Demon lords are what are known as demigods, and are as capable of granting spells, domains, and favored weapons to clerics as are true deities—indeed, to a mortal worshiper, there is very little difference between the status of deity and demigod.

Most demon lords actively encourage worship, for in a way this is how demonic life flourishes. Demon cults are actively destructive and cruel, and as a result must often work in secret or base their operations in remote regions where civilization cannot rise against them. Many cults work toward a singular goal, such as the destruction of a town, the murder of a number of important nobles, the release of a powerful demon upon the Material Plane, or the ruin and downfall of another religion. Others merely serve as a method for a powerful priest to keep a group of followers (be they a tribe of savage humanoids or a secret society of aristocrats) under control.

As with all deities and demigods, one need not be a divine spellcaster in order to worship a demon. Yet it is the divine spellcasting classes who receive the greatest benefits from worshiping demon lords, in the form of their class abilities.

Demon Lords reside in the many layered hellscape of The Abyss.

Demon Lords of Zaldara

Demon Lord AL Symbol Domains Favored Weapon
Abraxas CE Demonic face with two snake tails descending from a mouth encircled by a serpent Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Magic Flail
Aldinach CE Gold scorpion with sand dripping from its claws Chaos, Evil, Earth, Animal Scorpion Whip
Andirifkhu CE Skull pierced by six thin blades Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Death Kukri
Angazhan CE Demonic ape face Chaos, Evil, Animal, Madness Club
Areshkagal CE A faceless woman’s head decorated with a bloody pharaoh’s headdress Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Earth Khopesh
Baphomet CE A brass minotaur’s head with ruby eyes Chaos, Evil, Animal, War Glaive
Cyth-V’sug CE A mold-caked severed tentacle coiled in a spiral Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Plant Whip
Dagon CE Gold disk inscribed with sinister runes around an open octopus eye Chaos, Evil, Water, Animal Spear
Deskari CE Crossed locust wings dripping with blood Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Animal Scythe
Flauros CE Fanged mouth drooling lava Chaos, Evil, Fire, Destruction Spear
Gogunta CE Fetish of a boggard or frog made of twigs Chaos, Evil, Animal, Water Trident
Haagenti CE The philosopher’s stone Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Artifice Dagger
Jezelda CE Full moon rising above a desolate moor Chaos, Evil, Animal, Madness None
Jubilex CE A melting red eye Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Madness None
Kabriri CE Maggot-filled bowl made from a human skull Chaos, Evil, Death, Knowledge Dire flail
Kostchtchie CE Ice-caked, rune-carved warhammer Chaos, Evil, Water, War Warhammer
Lamashtu CE Three-eyed jackal head Chaos, Evil, Madness, Animal Butterfly swords
Mazmezz CE Skull at the center of a spiderweb Chaos, Evil, Animal, Madness None
Mestama CE Human eye balanced atop three sharp stones Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Magic None
Nocticula CE Seven-pointed crown wrapped with thorny vines Chaos, Evil, Charm, Trickery Dagger
Nurgal CE A sun clenched in a lion’s jaws Chaos, Evil, Sun, War Heavy mace
Orcus CE A goat ’s head with red eyes and four horns Chaos, Evil, Death, Darkness Heavy mace
Pazuzu CE image of Pazuzu with right hand upraised Chaos, Evil, Air, Charm None
Shax CE Curved white feather sitting in a pool of blood Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Air Dagger
Shivaska CE Clock face with 13 hours Chaos, Evil, Madness, Earth Spiked chain
Sifkesh CE Bloody feminine hands crossed at slashed wrists Chaos, Evil, Charm, Madness None
Socothbenoth CE Eyeless snake coiled around a bejeweled staff Chaos, Evil, Charm, Trickery Quarterstaff
Urxehl CE Storm cloud pierced by lightning Chaos, Evil, Weather, Destruction None
Xoveron CE Five-horned gray gargoyle skull missing its jaw Chaos, Evil, Earth, Trickery None
Yhidothrus CE An hourglass filled with worms instead of sand Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction None
Zevgavizeb CE Twisted tentacle terminating in an oversized talon Chaos, Evil, Animal, War Spear
Zura CE Crimson fanged skull rune Chaos, Evil, Death, Darkness None

Demon Lords

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