Midron Pantheon

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Davran (DAH-vran) is the fairest of all the Midron deities and, of all them, the most invested in the workings of the heart. He loves and protects his followers, who in turn love and protect beauty in the world.

Davran is primarily associated with love, beauty, and passion.


Davran is one of the oldest of the Midron deities, said to have been birthed by Fate itself to drive the creation of the world. As such, his church is venerable and secure in the various Midron lands of Zaldara. However, due to the somewhat whimsical nature of his followers, the church is not particularly powerful and usually only called upon by artists and lovers in need.


Davran is the brother of Xuxia, Goddess of Lust, as well as the other children of Fate: Ithya (Goddess of Inspiration), Sabreel (God of Madness), Ramala (Goddess of Chance), Cereth (Goddess of Light), and Modthras (God of Darkness).

Davran’s nature is similar, though more constrained, than that of his sister Xuxia, which sometimes brings them into conflict. Davran’s nature makes it difficult to become true enemies of any of the gods, but he actively dislikes Modthras, Kysk, and Sabreel, whose works are often ugly and boorish in his point of view.

According to legend, Davran has been romantically tied to many of the gods, most especially Torth (Lord Maker) and Nimar (Lady of Protection). He often enjoys the company of any who are willing to give him attention and sincere flattery, avoiding the violent and boorish. He is particularly fond of artists and those that enjoy the attentions of Ithya.

Appearances and Emissaries

Davran appears as a beautiful young man with raven hair, golden skin, and bright green eyes. He wields a short bow, Heartbinder, with which he is said to pierce the hearts of men and women to allow his influence.

Worship of Davran

Beauty springs from the core of one’s being. It can be manifest in art and in works, as well as the glow of a person truly at peace with herself. Romance and true love conquer all. One’s heart, if it embraces love and beauty, will guide you true. Love everyday and inspire love in others. Encourage and inspire beauty wherever you can find it. Dare to love. Dare to inspire admiration and to admire others.

Followers and clergy tend to pray at dawn, gazing into their reflections—for self-love is the purest form of love.

Worshipers and Clergy

Davran will accept the worship of any who can accept love. Nevertheless, the Orcish and goblinoid races tend to reject his teachings (and he their crude, ugly forms).

Clergy are not shy about their bodies, wearing tailored white robes of a flattering cut and much in the way of finery and beautiful objects. Their bodies are a tribute to the god.

Temples and Shrines

Temples and shrines to Davran are beautiful structures, ranging from the ostentatious to more classical designs. Most sport formal gardens and many parlors and reading rooms in which patrons can enjoy art in its various forms. Most have open areas where lovers come and meet, with plenty of hidden nooks for assignations and rendezvouses.


The worshipers of Davran hold the Longday holy, sponsoring parties and fairs during the day and flirtatious chases and revels in the short night—for love and beauty can sometimes be as fleeting as midsummer.

Once per month, the temples usually hold a grand ball that features local artists, food, frolicking, and an opportunity to find love.


Certain devout followers of Davran perform daily rituals to gain the special favor of the god. Practice a series of self-affirmations, a litany of love. Contemplate those you love, and who offer you love in return. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to all Charisma-based skill and ability checks. Gain a +2 sacred bonus to Appraise checks.


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