Demon Lords


The Shadow in the Sea
CE male demon lord of deformity, the sea, and sea monsters


Unholy Symbol: gold disk inscribed with sinister runes around an open octopus eye
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Water, Animal
Favored Weapon: Spear
Temple: Decaying seaside churches, lighthouses, sea caves, underwater cathedrals
Worshipers: Desperate or insane coastal dwellers, boggards, heretical sahuagin and skum, krakens, marsh giants
Minions: Devilfish, fiendish water elementals, krakens, shoggoths, other sea monsters
Obedience: Offer a bowl of fresh blood to Dagon by speaking prayers over the blood and then emptying the blood into the sea. The bowl must be made of gold and inscribed with runes sacred to Dagon—such a bowl must be worth no less than 100 gp, but can be reused for multiple obediences. Gain a +4 profane bonus against the extraordinary or supernatural attacks of creatures with the aquatic or water subtype. May cast speak with animals (aquatic animals only) 3/day, disfiguring touch 2/day, or summon monster III (aquatic creatures only) 1/day as a cleric of your current character level.

Dagon dwells in the Abyssal Sea of Ishiar in a sunken city called Ugothanok. The surface of this Abyssal Sea is dotted with countless islands, many of which are settled by fiendish and half-fiend humans known as Ishians who wage constant nautical warfare upon each other in a never-ending battle to claim new islands and impress Dagon with their cruelties.

Not quite fish or octopus or eel, Dagon is fond of sending his spawn into the oceans of the Material Plane to spread his influence, often physically by breeding with creatures of the deeps or among isolated coastal-dwelling societies. Marsh giants are traditionally among his most fervent worshipers on land, yet in certain remote locations (particularly along the coastlines of The Jirran Freeholds and the Aejennan Sea), his cult is growing among humans. A village that turns to the worship of Dagon often does so secretly, maintaining a facade of worshiping another deity when in fact the town’s devotions are for the Shadow in the Sea. In the most remote locations, these cults mix with sahuagin, boggards, and other hideous aquatic creatures. The deformed hybrid children of such blasphemous unions are sure signs of Dagon worship. In these regions, such deformities are regarded as badges of honor.


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