Demon Lords


Prince of the Blasted Heath
CE male demon lord of disease, fungus, and parasites


Unholy Symbol: mold-caked severed tentacle coiled in a spiral
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Plant
Favored Weapon: Whip
Temple: Caverns, dead or fallen trees, diseased forests, sewers
Worshipers: Alchemists, black dragons, derros, drow, ex-druids, polluters, evil vegepygmies
Minions: Fungal creatures, giant vermin, mandragoras, swarms
Obedience: Eat moldering flesh rife with parasitic worms and drink putrid alcohol distilled from strange fungi during a 1-hour feast. You gain a +4 profane bonus on all saving throws against disease and effects that cause nausea. Fungal Ruin (Sp): Once per day, you may target a creature with a destruction spell. A creature slain by this effect crumbles into a mound of russet mold that immediately releases a cloud of spores in a 20-foot-radius burst. This ability functions as if cast as a cleric of your current character level.

Cyth-V’sug’s realm is both a place and a being—an immense parasitic fungus called the Jeharlu capable of extending tendrils into other planes, corrupting them, and then drawing them into the Abyss to expand itself. A quivering, spherical clot of fungal matter much larger than the largest of planets, the Jeharlu lies at the center of an immense cavern, suspended by thick white filaments that attach it to the surrounding rift. Pallid giant worms (fiendish 32 HD Colossal purple worms), moldering shamblers (Gargantuan 24 HD half-fiend shambling mounds), deformed fungoid dragons (half-fiend green or blue dragons with the fungal creature template), and all manner of demons are but a few of the Jeharlu’s dangers. Cyth-V’sug dwells at the heart of this fungal sphere, an immense monstrosity that appears as a tangled mass of fungal tubers, tentacles, and grasping claws topped by a heaving draconic body with puff ball eyes and jagged teeth. Cyth-V’sug can be thought of as a planetary parasite that infests worlds and consumes them, adding the waste that he leaves behind to his ever-expanding Abyssal realm.


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