Sianaean Pantheon

Charad boxCharad (CHAR-ahd) the Phoenix is a force of order, goodness, and glory in the world. Within the Sianaen Pantheon, she is in constant struggle against her counterpart, Zhyor the Dragon.

Charad is primarily associated with Good, Law, Fire, and Glory.


Originally aboriginal animal spirits, as the Sianaen civilization developed, so did their theology, allowing their spirit totems to ascend into the upper echelon of the Greater Pantheon. These deities are worshiped primarily by Sianaens, whether at home or abroad. Devotion to these deities failed to interest other lands and Sianae never developed what could be termed an empire.


Like all of the deities of the Greater Pantheon, the Phoenix has opposition in the cycle in the form of Zhyor, the Dragon. Where Charad represents order and righteousness, the Dragon is a force of chaos and destruction.

In Sianae, Phoenix is seen as a law-giver and an omen of order.

Appearances and Emissaries

Unlike most other Sianaen deities, the Phoenix takes on only two different forms:

  • A huge, red variation of her namesake creature
  • A beautiful, flame-haired woman with eyes too bright to stare into.

Worship of Charad

Followers of Charad believe that people should use discipline against their baser whims—either from within or without—and that they should fight evil and entropy relentlessly. Authority and restriction are tools to enforce the common good. The guilty and unjust should always be punished.

Worshipers and Clergy

Both men and women may serve the Phoenix as clerics.

Priests of Charad often mark themselves with elaborate Phoenix tattoos that run from the face and down the neck onto the torso. They also wear flowing crimson robes. All clergy also wear the symbol of the Phoenix as a pendant.

Priestly Ranks
Rank Honorific Minimum Level
Novice Novice 0
Disciple Lightbearer 1
Priest Elder 4
Deacon Honored One 7
Arch Priest Reverend One 11
Arch-Deacon Most Reverend One 15
High Priest Bearer of the Flame 19*
  • = There can only be one person of this rank

Charad welcomes the worship of any who would cast off follow the true way to enlightenment and seek to right injustice.

Phoenix Guards

Amongst the most elite of these are the Phoenix Guards, paladins devoted to the precepts of the Phoenix and fight injustice and evil throughout the known world.

Rank Honorific Minimum Level
Initiate Initiate 0
Banner Templar Banner Templar 1
Templar Sa’ 4
Flame-Knight Sa’ Knight 7
Knight Captain Sa’ Captain 10
Knight Commander Commander 13
Commander of the Flame Flame Commander 16
Phoenix Marshall Sa’ Marshal 19*
  • = There can only be one person of this rank
Temples and Shrines

Sianaen pantheonWorship of the Sianaen Pantheon has not traveled far outside of that country. However, worship is tied directly into the ascension cycle of the ruling houses. When the Phoenix is in power, temples tend to reap the benefits in gold and followers. When it is in decline, the temples suffer accordingly.

Temples to the Phoenix tend to be complex structures, housing the clergy and the local garrison of Phoenix Guards. The sanctuary is deep within the temple and holds an eternal flame, kept lit by the temple priests.

Holy Texts

The sacred Scrolls of the Phoenix lie in the temple to the Phoenix in Siannis.


The summer solstice is held to be sacred by the followers of Charad, as are sunrise and sunset (the death and rebirth of the sun).


Certain devout follows of the Phoenix participate in special daily rituals that endow them with particular blessings from the deity. Take your primary weapon and kneel, facing an open flame, dangling your symbol of Charad from the handle/hilt of the weapon. Recite the Trial by Flame from the Scrolls of the Phoenix. Gain a +4 sacred bonus vs. fire effects.


Those that wish to make sacrifice in the name of Charad must have their offering be consumed in flames.


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