Elven Pantheon
Human and Non-Human Races

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Celandian (seh-LAN-dee-un) is the primary deity of The Saelfsidhedai (Elves). She is the creator and protector of the elven race. She is also known as “The Stargazer” and governs the movement of the constellations.


Celandian concerns herself with all aspects of elven life and welfare. The goddess teaches the importance of self-reliance, vigilance against evil, and appreciation of beauty. It is the influence of Celandian that teaches elves use their long lives to be guardians of the good, protectors of nature, and to appreciate the aesthetic pleasures of the world.

Clergy and Temples

Celandian’s clerics often serve as leaders, teachers, diplomats, and generals in elven communities. They train others in arts of combat while honing their own skills and serve in mediators in various disputes.

Temples to Celandian are located throughout the elven lands, and exist anywhere that communities of elves gather. These structures are always beautiful and designed to blend with the natural landscape. Living plants are always included in a temple, either as decoration or as part of the structure.


Celandian in a beautiful elven maiden with long golden hair and sparkling eyes. She often wears a shimmering, color-changing cloak and carries a longbow while wearing a longsword on her hip.


Certain followers of Celandian partake of “Obediences”, daily rituals that grant special boons from the deity. Find a place where you can gaze at the night sky and study the constellations. Contemplate their mysteries and their portents. Gain a +4 sacred bonus to Diplomacy, any 2 Knowledge skills (your choice), and Spellcraft. The character also may ask a question of the GM as per the divination spell at a CL equal to 1/2 their character level.


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