The Zaldaran year is 360 days with 12 lunar periods (months). Each month has 30 days with seven day weeks.

Most people follow the Tarsian calendar, developed by the Tarsian philosopher and astronomer Menaxes. The system dates back to the first century of the current Age, which begins with the founding of Tarsas.


Contemplation, Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance, Justice, Humility, Charity


Spring Awakening Growth Illumination
Summer Ardor Longday Starfall
Autumn Transformation Chillwind Harvest
Winter Hearth Longnight Changewind

The moon, Cylene, runs on an 30 day cycle.

Special Days

  • Each 15th tends to be a market/fair day in most cities
  • 15 Longday and 15 Longnight are the summer and winter solstices. The summer is marked with public celebrations while the the winter is marked with more private (or at least, only community-based) celebrations involving lights.
  • 15 Growth and 15 Chillwind are the spring and autumn equinoxes
  • A shower of meteorites tends to occur each 22-25 of Starfall. It is seen particularly well in Tarsas and the other southern lands.
  • 1 Awakening is a day filled with feasting and with a fair to celebrate the new year and seeing friends and neighbors
  • On or near 1 Harvest is generally the day of special Harvest fairs in most lands


Calendar for the Year 508 AT

Calendar for the Year 509 AT

Calendar for the Year 510 AT


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