Northron Pantheon


Bruni (BROO-nee) is the eldest son of Yülthn and Guthrun. He is a mighty and brave warrior and is considered the most courageous of all the Aesen. His two direwolves, Aefilthr and Drundi run with him into every battle.


Courage is as important in everyday situations as it is in the heat of battle. Courage is the knowledge of one’s capabilities, not foolhardiness. Self-sacrifice is sometimes necessary, but throwing one’s life away certainly is not. Sacrifice for others is the ideal, not personal glory.


Many clergy will train dogs or wolves to fight with them in emulation of their deity. Further, clergy of Bruni tend to have little patience with those that refuse to face life with courage. These they will leave to their fate.

Temples to Bruni are tightly organized, highly regimented fortresses. Most contain armories and training halls and may even use local fields to train the locals in formation fighting and maneuvering.

Visitors to the temples will find that the schedules will not bend to any outside needs. The clergy do not tolerate sloth, disorganization, or chaotic traits.


Certain followers of Bruni perform daily rituals to receive special blessings from the Brave One. Take your weapon of choice and begin performing a select series of motions/forms with the weapon. Each form represents a tenet of Bruni and the casting away of fear. Gain a +4 sacred or profane (your choice) bonus vs. fear effects. Battle Cry (Ex): Your call to arms is so inspiring that all allies within 60’ receive a +2 morale bonus vs. fear effects and a +1 morale bonus to hit and damage for 3 rounds (once per day).





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