Dwarven Pantheon
Human and Non-Human Races

Brunfir is a son of Skondir and brother of several of the other gods of the Dwarven Pantheon. He is the dwarven god of duty. He is also the deity tasked with exacting punishment on those poor souls who shirk their responsibilities or break sworn oaths and solemn promises.

Titles: The Oath-Keeper
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Duty
Symbol: Two hands, clasped together, bound by a ribbon
Domains: Law, Nobility
Favored Weapon: Warhamer


A dwarf’s word is his bond. A promise given is a promise kept. A forsworn dwarf is a dwarf cursed by the gods. And Brunfir is the god doing the cursing.

Clergy and Temples

Clerics of Brunfir are often called upon to oversee business agreements and other civic oaths. They are also called upon to settle disputes of familial or civic duty.

Shrines to Brunfir are maintained in the large dwarven cities, and occasionally in the more isolated communities, but not large edifices.


Brunfir is a dour-looking dwarf in gray armor with white hair and beard and storm-gray eyes.


Certain followers of Brunfir perform a daily ritual to receive a special blessing from the deity. Swear an oath to follow for the day. Can be minor, but binding. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on all Appraise, Diplomacy, Knowledge (Local), and Sense Motive checks.


Rank Title Responsibility Relative Level
Initiate Initiate Priest-in-training 0-1
Priest/Priestess Priest/Priestess Rank-and-file 1-5
Oathbinder Reverend Shrine/Church 5+


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