House Rules


Blackroot is a drug used over much of Zaldara, though it is cultivated mostly in the Southron nations. It is relatively inexpensive, moderately addictive, and its recreational use is widespread. It is an ingested drug, taken primarily by chewing on the dark root of the plant. Blackroot addicts, known as “rooties” are known for the dark stains on their teeth from excessive root-chewing.

See the Gamemastery Guide for rules on Drugs and Addiction

Type: ingested; Addiction Moderate, Fortitude DC 16
Price: 5 gp
Effects: 1 hour; +1d2 alchemical bonus to STR and CON; -2 penalty to WILL saves
Effects after 1 hour: d2 hours of Fatigue condition
Damage: d2 CON and d2 WIS damage


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