Bethaizu (“spiritual light” in ancient Acheran) is the heavenly plane of existence on which the deities known as The Three (Azumazran, Azumartuk, and Azunapath) exist. Here they send out their Yazuta and the six Amapehta to perform their will on this world in their fight against The Nazul and their Nazulim.

Bethaizu is a shining paradise of varied landscapes—gentle hills, idyllic prairies, majestic mountains, and lush forests. The Three Mazranite deities reside in city called Arakesh atop a vast plateau overlooking a river valley. The sky is golden and illuminates all with a gentle light.

The planar traits of Bethaizu are:

  • Divinely Morphic: Deities with domains in Bethaizu can alter the plane at will.
  • Timeless
  • Strongly Good-Aligned
  • Enhanced Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the good descriptor are enhanced.
  • Impeded Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the evil descriptor are impeded.


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