Azuredee's Journal

A collection of original tunes, ballads, and songs written by the bard, Azuredee Silverthistle

Knight of the Shield

A stirring tune about a certain flame-haired cavalier.

Ballad of Falcon’s Hallow

A tragic song of sickened children and help arriving days too late.

Firefoot Fennec Frolic

Jaunty instrumental, written for strings.

The Worg and the Bard

A bard uses her cleverness and silver-tongue to outwit a treacherous worg.

Ghost of Glint Axe

Does the spirit of a dwarven warrior truly linger after his death?

The Kobold King

A rousing ballad of our heroes battling through darkened tunnels to defend a beset adventurer, defeat a kobold king, and interrupt a dark sacrifice.

Istvan Tamasvan

Instrumental written for strings, featuring Kuskar stylings.

Ballad of The Five

The famous five adventurers: Glitterstone, Merrywick, Sableblade, Athanasius, and Starshadow.

Blood on the Water

Our heroes are attacked by river pirates!


An ode to the capitol of the Dwarven lands. (Sung in Dwarvish)

Kargan’s Run

Our heroes must use strength and cleverness to make their way through a series of challenges underneath the Dwarven capitol. At the end lies a clue to their next adventure!

Eight-Fold Path

Our heroes’ paths must lead them to the seat of an ancient sect.

The Loquacious Halfling

A merry instrumental number.

Evil Lies Beneath

Our heroes search the sewers for a kidnapped victim and discover horrors.

A Fallen Hero

A tribute to all brave souls who fall in battle.


A riotous song about the Southron city. (Sung in Kuskar)

Ishvara’s Curse

The legend of the Shandorian Monk who was cursed by the gods.

Ballad of Dukane

Our heroes encounter horrific undead creatures that inhabit a cursed monastery in order to find the next clue to their quest.

Green Death

Our heroes must travel to find Scraelaterix, an ancient evil green dragon residing in the distant mountains.

The False Dagger

A short ditty about a blade that was not what it seemed.

The Road Rises Before

A song of the traveling adventurer.

Dangers in the Deep

Our heroes battle their way into the heart of a dead volcano.

A Dragon’s Bargain

In order to complete their quest, our heroes must first retrieve a stolen dragon egg.

The Cockatrice and the Country Maid

A ribald ballad about a beast and a beauty.

Dragon’s Bane

Will our heroes be able to retreive the dragon’s egg from a massive Jossian?

And the Solstice Sun Shines On

On the longest day of the year, our heroes fulfill their bargain and an ancient boon.

Wizard’s Peak

The last clue leads our heroes to the Tower of High Wizardry.

Athanasius’ Labyrinth

Our heroes must solve the mystery of the labyrinth to reach their quest’s end.


A beautiful piece composed of a complex, four note chord, written for voice.

The Forest Alive

The majesty and mysteries that can be found in the forest at night. (Sung in Elven)

The Beggar King

Our heroes’ search for a missing boy leads them to discover a underground network of afflicted children commanded by a rat-man.

The Whistling Spirit

An instrumental tune inspired by a ghostly visitor, written for strings.

The Song and Shield

A ballad about our half-elven bard and her stalwart cousin.

Trail of the Hobgoblins

Our heroes track down a band of mayhem-causing hobgoblins.

Albasan, or, Teeth in the Night

A frightening tale of a strange village and the horrors that await our heroes at the Barron’s keep.

And the Sky Rained Stars

The beauty of the night sky during a shower of stars.

Encounters in the Woods

A song about chance meetings and how they turn out very differently.

Dragon’s Light

Our adventurers are assisted by priests of Azumazran in defeating the undead.

House of Rest

A gentle instrumental melody to sooth the unquiet mind.

The Bed at the End of the Road

A ribald tavern song about what travelers most enjoy at the end of a journey.

Beetle Battle

A fast tongue-twisting song about a battle in the forest.

Anvil Rock Pass

Our adventurers encounter a group of bandits with an unexpected purpose.


The love of family and home. (Sung in Elven)


A funny ditty about how the owlbear came to be.

The Ruins Below

Our adventurers encounter goblins, a golem, and strange snake-like creature while exploring the ruins of an ancient underground structure.

And the Road Continues on

A bittersweet song about following the lure of road and what is left behind.

Love’s Last Kiss

A reworking of a well-known tune, designed for two voices.


A humorous ditty about a hatred of spiders.

Splinters and Bones

Our adventurers encounter dangerous golems exploring Ysar ruins.

Shadowbreaker and Daybreaker

A piece written for two instruments, of high and low pitch, respectively.

Eyes of Green

A romantic ballad about paths crossing and encounters still to come. (Sung in Elven)


A lively, vivacious tune containing a slower, more exotic melody in the central movement.

A Parent’s Sorrow

A heart-breaking song about parents who have lost a child.

Baelfire’s Challenge

A wizard issues our heroes a challenge to prove themselves true adventurers.

White Death

A massive blizzard in the dead of winter envelops all.

Little Lizard

A humorous (and somewhat ribald) tale about a little lizard who thought he was a dragon.

Fiercest Song and Sharpest Blade

A powerful and stirring ballad about rising up to protect friends and family.

Sides Never Seen

A melancholy tune about uncovering truths you never knew existed. (Sung in Elven)

Giants of Fire

Our heroes break into a fortress and save a group of prisoners from the clutches of Fire Giants.

Death Comes in the Night

Town folk are being murdered at night and our heroes must solve the mystery before another body is found.


A ethereal and haunting tune, written for voice and strings.

Ocean’s Road

A boisterous (and somewhat ribald) sea shanty about the sailor’s life.


Our heroes travel a long way to ensure that a murderer will face his crimes.

A Fell Purpose

A sinister tune about the evil that can lurk behind a handsome smile.

The Choice

When presented with temptation to do wrong, one must make the choice.


An inspirational tavern song about the city that our heroes call home.

Poisoned Cup

Our heroes must use their wits to solve a murder, even as one of their own is falsely implicated.

Love’s First Blush

A romantic ballad about first love, written for voice and strings.

Voices of Green

An eerie instrumental piece, written for strings.

And the Sky Rained Blood

Our heroes must battle horrific demons and monstrosities to rescue one who is lost.


A particularly intricate and vivacious instrumental number, written for strings.

Death’s Allure

A trio of beautiful strangers arrive in town, but they also hide a deadly secret.

And to My Chamber Come

A sensuous and erotic piece about finding pleasure in another’s arms.

Dark and Deadly Grace

An instrumental number featuring Southron stylings.

Be Swift, Be Brave

Our heroes race to the Palace to share evidence of a great betrayal to the Crown, but will they succeed in time?

Hidden Faces

Our heroes attempt to track down the shady character behind recent attempts at thievery, but not all is as it seems.

Bardic Battle

A piece specifically written for two “battling” musicians, allowing each to try to outperform the other.

Heart’s True Voice

A beautiful tune about following one’s heart and embracing true love, no matter the obstacles.

Horn and Hoof

The wonder of meeting a creature of legend.


A dramatic ballad about our heroes fighting a terrible beast that has been terrorizing all in its path.

The Balance

Order must be restored and wrongs must be made right. (Sung in Elven)

There Must Always Be Light

A song about finding light, even when surrounded by the darkest shadows.

Deeds of Heroes

A New Age is on the horizon of Zaldara, one ushered in by the deeds of great heroes.

To the Sea

A rousing sea shanty about braving the dangers of the open waters. (Sung in both Tradespeak and Urkhani)

In Her Arms Entwined

A sensuous night of passion in a lover’s embrace.

Blood and Darkness

Our heroes descend into the darkness beneath Jenna to defeat an evil cult of Kysk.

Sharp Black Eyes

A medley of three very unusual songs. (Written for voice or woodwind)

Pit of the World

Our heroes must battle horrific creatures of Hell in order to save a kidnapped companion.

Storm and Sea

A stirring sea shanty about fighting pirates using both the creatures of the deep sea and storms from the sky.

Measure of a Man

The true worth of man is not based on his outward appearance. His honor, his passion, and his value come from within.


A ballad about the heroic exploits of the half-orc Cavalier of the Order of the Shield, Tanak Longshield.

Serve and Protect

A rousing song about those who bravely protect their City and its people.

A Dark Reflection

Our heroes must travel far beneath the surface to the strange and deadly city of Ambraxaran to defeat a growing evil.

Poisoned Dagger

On the surface, a song about the strength and influence of the Drow ; however, a secret (and insidious) message lies within. (Sung in Undercommon)

Songs from the Deep

A medley of songs collected from various denizens of the Underdark. (Sung in Undercommon)


An ancient and terrible evil lies beneath the earth, waiting to be freed.


A song about the mysterious people of the Eastern Wastes.

Lady of the Shadows

An intricate and lively tune about the mischievous goddess of rogues.

Hero’s Rest

The thrilling story of our heroes comes to a triumphant end.

Azuredee's Journal

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