Few Zaldarans have any real knowledge of astronomy—most of what is known rests with astrologers, navigators, and mages. Nevertheless, any who watch the skies with regularity cannot fail to note the patterns and changes that occur over the nights and the seasons.

The World

Most peoples refer to the Known World as Zaldara, though this more accurately describes the continent upon which civilized nations have grown. There are no other known continents on the world.

It is commonly believed that the western seas expand until the horizon while the known world ends to the east at The Rift. Obviously there is more to the land beyond the Rift, but the area is unexplored and infested with all manner of monstrous creatures.

The Sun

This central body is known simply as the Sun by most, though it is associated with the god Halor by the Midron peoples. It is known that the sun revolves around the world, but there are also other “travelers” in the night sky that, unlike stars, do not remain as fixed points in the heavens.

The Moon

This body is generally referred to as Cylene (or Sylene to the Midron peoples. It revolves around the world in a roughly 30 day cycle, noted on the calendar as a month.

The Planets

Solar systemFour other planets, or “travelers” populate the night sky:

  • Kalthi : “Morning Bright”
  • Rahnu : “Shines in the Evening”
  • Ghath : “Blood-red light”
  • Sukra : “Yellow Star”

The travelers were named by the ancient Acheran astrologer Raathi in the third century of the current Age.

The Stars

The most prominent stars in the heavens (outside of the planets) are the pole stars. The northern pole star Xeris is located in the constellation of The Huntress, featured prominently as the point of her arrow. The southern pole star is the star Kehtu, located as the flame of the Lamp constellation.

Northern Constellations

The following constellations are prominent in the northern sky of Zaldara:

  • The Huntress
  • The Plow
  • The Wand
  • The Scroll
  • The Warrior
  • The Dagger
  • The Anvil
  • The Scales
  • The Gauntlet
  • The Ship
  • The Leaf
  • The Shield

The following signs of the Zodiac also appear in the northern sky:

  • The Fool
  • The Sorcerer
  • The Priestess
  • The King
  • The Queen
  • The Priest
The Southern Constellations

The following constellations are prominent in the southern sky of Zaldara:

  • The Lamp
  • The Hawk
  • The Phoenix
  • The Horse
  • The Raven
  • The Lion
  • The Wolf
  • The Serpent
  • The Dragon
  • The Chalice
  • The Swords
  • The Sage

The following signs of the zodiac also appear in the southern sky:

  • The Lovers
  • The Chariot
  • The Hermit
  • The Wheel
  • The Hanged Man
  • The Tower


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