The currently most relied upon method of astrological divination was developed by sages in Achera during the third century, the most prominent of which was Raathi.

The Raathian zodiac appears as follows (combined with the Tarsian system of months and days):

Sign Month Element Interpretation
The Fool Awakening Fixed Fire Glamour, generosity, organizer, the center of attention
The Sorcerer Growth Mutable Fire Free spirit, carefree, wanderlust
The Priestess Illumination Fixed Air Communicative, humanitarian, progressive, fraternal
The King Ardor Mutable Air Witty, communicative, mobile, takes pleasure in learning
The Queen Longday Cardinal Air A sense of beauty and proportion, tactful, seeks balance and harmony
The Priest Starfall Cardinal Earth Enduring, has a sense of purpose, proud, ambitious
The Lovers Transformation Fixed Earth Sensual, pleasure-seeker, steadfast, strives for security
The Chariot Chillwind Mutable Water Sensitive, compassionate, helpful, sociable, adaptable
The Hermit Harvest Cardinal Water Emotional type, stubborn, seeks safety and closeness
The Wheel Hearth Cardinal Fire Willpower, impulsive, initiative, courage, energy, activity
The Hanged Man Longnight Fixed Water Corrosive, passionate, piercing, extreme situations
The Tower Changewind Mutable Earth Precise, differentiates, does what is necessary, utilitarian


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