Demon Lords


The Ravenous King
CE male demon lord of apes, jungles, and brutal tyrants


Unholy Symbol: demonic ape face
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Animal, Madness
Favored Weapon: Club
Temple: Jungle glade, ruined city, ziggurat
Worshipers: Charau-ka, high girallons, jungle warlords
Minions: Fiendish dire apes of immense size, girallons, jungle monsters
Obedience: Ingest hallucinogenic jungle plants and then beat a complex rhythm on a large drum made of human skin and bones while chanting prayers to Angazhan. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saves against disease and poison caused by exposure to the jungle or creatures native to jungles. You also gain a +2 profane bonus to Strength and a +2 bonus on all Fortitude saving throws.

Angazhan appears as a towering, blood-red ape with six long fingers, tusk-like teeth, and relatively small, bloodshot eyes. His worship is strongest in the Urkhani Islands and beyond The Rift, where his chattering brood of fiendish apes hold court in jungle-choked ruins and feast on the flesh of human chattle. Angazhan is also served by nalfeshnee demons, and although most nalfeshnees are too proud and self-absorbed to admit that Angazhan is their lord, he is nonetheless served in his jungle realm of Ahvoth-Kor by hundreds of them, if not thousands.

Ahvoth-Kor is an expansive Abyssal realm—a seemingly endless jungle that stretches along opposing faces of a vast Abyssal rift. Gravity in Ahvoth-Kor pulls toward the walls of this rift, so that someone standing in the jungle realm in an area where the canopy above is open to the sky can look up to the opposite rift’s jungle, although thick mists and clouds usually obscure the view. In places, immense trees and thick vines bridge the gulf between the twin jungles. Both jungles are rife with dreadful simian life, fiendish dinosaurs, and megalithic nalfeshnee-ruled cities populated by demons and other fiends. The point at the bottom of the rift where the jungles meet lies tens of thousands of miles below, and it is here that Angazhan’s palace squats—an immense ziggurat of black stone straddling several deeper rifts that lead into uncharted horrors of the Abyss and often belch forth qlippoth monstrosities or other alien horrors.


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