Demon Lords


The Razor Princess
CE female demon lord of illusions, traps, and knives


Unholy Symbol: skull pierced by six thin blades
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Death
Favored Weapon: Kukri
Temple: Dungeons, labyrinths, torture chambers
Worshipers: Bugbears, derros, drow, illusionists, sadists, torturers
Minions: Mariliths, retrievers, illusion-using monsters
Obedience: Torture a living creature that is smaller than your size category on a mechanical device that utilizes blades or spikes, or torture a bound creature of any size with a knife. The creature must remain alive for the duration, and must die within 1 minute of the obedience’s end. Gain a +4 profane bonus on saves against illusions and a +4 profane bonus to AC against traps that inflict slashing damage. When you damage a creature with a slashing weapon or effect that deals slashing damage, at your discretion you may add a bleed 3 effect to the target.

Andirifkhu is the patron of the debased illusionist, the cruel torturer, and the sadistic inventor. Her cultists are fond of building trap-ridden dungeons and sending sacrifices through to die on spikes, swinging blades, or spear tips within—sacrifices who manage to escape are hobbled or otherwise crippled and then put through the gauntlet again and again until they eventually succumb.

Andirifkhu appears as a towering, beautiful woman with green, scaled skin and long, crimson hair. She has ophidian eyes, and she has six arms that all wield different blades, although her favorite weapons are kukris. Her worship is strong among the drow and certain noble families in Tarsas and Sianae, who venerate her in secret and look to her for inspiration in methods of torture and extracting information from prisoners.

Andirifkhu’s realm on the Abyss is the Vault of Ten Thousand Deaths, an immense, trap-filled labyrinth rumored to have hidden connections to hundreds of dungeons scattered throughout the multiverse. Those who stumble into the Vault via one of these obscure portals typically find themselves stranded in the Abyss, for these entrances are one-way only. Andirifkhu dwells at the center of this continent-sized dungeon, and it is said that those who manage to navigate the Vault and reach her lair have been so traumatized and transformed by their experiences in the Vault that they have no choice but to become her favored slaves.


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