One of the realms of Northron religious belief, Aesenjeim is the realm of the gods (or the Aesen). In Northron mythology, Aesenjeim rests at the roots of the World Tree with Middenjeim and Nifenjeim. In reality, it is one of the Outer Planes, floating within the Astral Plane and in close proximity to Nifenjeim.

It is home to several important sub-realms (or “halls”):


Valhalla is home to those slain in battle. Here the fallen gather to celebrate their victories and train to fight in the final battle against the Grundr.


The hall of the All-Father, Yülthn, contains his High Seat, from which he can see anywhere in the three planes.


This is a communal hall used by the gods to assemble to discuss events and decide important issues.

Other Halls

Each of the gods have their own hall. The aspects of that hall often reflect its owner in some way. Seldom are mortals allowed in such sanctums.

The plane itself is a vast rocky vista with towering, majestic mountains, on which the halls reside. There are also lush mountain valleys where there are majestic trees and fresh streams. Aesenhall itself sits near a vast sea. The sky is a deeply clouded and thunderous.

The planar traits of Aesenheim are:

  • Flowing time: For every 1 hour in the Material Plane, 1 year passes in Aesenjeim.
  • Finite Shape: Aesenjeim is a finite flat disk. It is possible to fall of the edge of the world and into the Astral Plane.
  • Divinely Morphic: The divine Aesen may alter the plane at will.
  • Mildly Good-aligned


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