Northron Pantheon


Aelfir (ALE-fear), brother of Yülthn and twin of Ulfir, is the lord of the raging seas, the destructor of ships, and the scourge of sailors. He resides in the bottom of the deepest ocean, far away from the safe sailing of the coasts. When his anger is stirred—which is often—he rises from the deeps and smites the ships of the Northron raiders with his mighty storms and waves. He then drags drowning men down into the deep to hold in his hall beneath the sea; the poor wretches will never see Valhalla.


Cults of Aelfir thrive in seaports. Those that hope for safe voyages must appease Aelfir with sacrifices. Those that fail to sacrifice will certainly meet a bad end. One must do anything to protect oneself from the wrath of the raging sea.

Aelfir is jealous of the All-Father’s love of humanity and harbors a not-so-secret hatred for Yülthn’s children.

Clergy and Temples

The cult of Aelfir and small and their clergy rare and hard to find. They are known for their cruelty against those that fail to properly honor Aelfir. Captains that fail to honor the raging the sea have come to find their ships burned or their crews murdered.

The temples of Aelfir are fortified against both attack and the elements. Visitors can expect a chill greeting—unless they have come to make sacrifice to Aelfir for their journey. Then they will be welcomed with open arms.


Aelfir appears as a giant, bearded man in scaled armor emerging from beneath the waves. It is said he brings with him creatures of the deep to bring calamity against those that would dishonor him.


Certain devout followers of the Raging Sea perform daily rituals in order to gain his favor. Cast oneself into the sea, sky-clad, and the waves take you in their arms for a time, contemplating the rage of Aelfir. Gain a +4 profane bonus to Swim, Knowledge (nature), Perception, and Intimidate skill checks.


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