Acheran Empire


Before its inevitable decline, the Acheran Empire served as the first spark of civilization since the great Rivening. I say inevitably because all empires fall, eventually. Some hoist themselves upon their own spears and others are victims of capricious time and fate. It was the latter in the case of the Acherans…From the Journals of the Acheran, 447 AT

The period beginning in 103 of the Age of Tears, and spanning until 337 AT, is known as the Acheran Imperial period. During this time, the nation of Achera ruled most of southern and central Zaldara until their inevitable decline after two hundred years of rule. This period also saw the spread of Acheran culture and, especially, religion. The Mazranites still wield much influence on the hearts and minds of all Zaldarans.

In the early day of The Scattering, one of the hundreds of human tribes that vied for control of the remainder of continent emerged victorious and established one of the first nation-states of the Age of Tears. The Acherans, or “veiled ones”, once they secured their lands in the south, rose northward and eventually conquered most of central and portions of western Zaldara. Ruling from their capital city Asdari, the Acherans established an empire that reigned for over two hundred years before finally declining into its present state. Though no longer an empire, Achera remains a powerful and influential nation.

Jalila Sarad, subcheiftain of the Acherans, rose to become the first Kargan (“supreme ruler”) of the Achera by the time she was 32 years old. Sarad was known as a ruthless warrior and genius tactician, as well as an excellent ruler. In fact, it was her talent for retaining assimilated provinces after she conquered them that earned her the empire. Her fast rise and talent earned her the title “Bezumazran” or “blessed of Azumazran”, a title retained by future Kargans up until the present day.

Acheran empireAfter Jalila’s death at the age of 47 of natural causes, her son and successor, Pajab, continued the his mother’s traditions and established a lasting body of laws known as The Kargan’s Covenant. The Covenant established the idea the Kargan cannot act outside the laws of his own land and that the Sarad line has made a blood-oath with the people of Achera to always act in their best interest. Many attribute these concepts as the reason that Achera, even in decline, is a powerful nation.

The Sarad line has maintained the Karganship of Achera for the past 400 years. With the exception of an internecine conflict known as the Succession War (in which, as the term implies, the question of succession to the Orchid Throne was in question), the reigns have been peaceful in regard to the nation itself. However, beginning in the year 257 AT, Achera began to lose its outlying provinces to insurgency. A great drought has engulfed the land and the Imperial government began to beggar itself to keep the Acheran interior fed, much less the outlying provinces. Finally, in the year 337, under the reign of Rajesh IV, Achera’s borders had reverted to its original tribal holdings behind the Jorani Mountains. The Acheran Empire was at an end.

Acheran Empire

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