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Rage and Raven

Tag’s Journal

Starfall 17, 499:
Uncle Joxoxan came to my birthday party. He gave me a belt pouch and this journal. He said the journal was to record all the things I do and see on my “grand adventures”. He said the belt pouch was to help get me started. It has a piece of chalk, flint/steel, some strange picks, and 5 gp in it! He left before my party was over. He said he to go to Kalimsport to see a dwarf who had a lead on “Tharsanz’s Eye”; he’s always looking for some amazing artifact or another.

Tonight, I’m going to track him down and join him, its time for me to see more of this world than our small village. I’m sure mother and father will understand; I should leave them a letter.

Taganarn Relicshine Relation to Tag Notes
Imgick Relicshine Father – 52 turnip farmer, cooper, fishing nets, fisher, onion farmer, thatcher, etc…
Fethim (Woolblossom) Mother – 48 wife and mother
Celesta Bronzeflaw Sister – 26 married Brepp Bronzeflaw – 27
Taganarn Relicshine Me – 25 successful artifact hunter
Sapphire Meadowglide Sister – 22 married Dard Meadowglide – 26
Legwen Relicshine Sister – 20 questing
Dad Relicshine Relation to Tag Notes
Nestafis Relicshine Grandfather – 81 old, fishes alot
Yerla (Redglen) Grandmother – 77 old, bakes pies
Joxoxan Relicshine Uncle – 59 Off on a quest, still!
Narkund Relicshine Uncle – 55 married Wisti Treeroot – 51
Imgick Relicshine Father – 52 many jobs, married my mom
Mom Woolblossom Relation to Tag Notes
Mivin Woolblossom Grandfather – 75 old, raises sheep
Printaron (Ashbreeze) Grandmother – 71 old, makes wool things
Nern Woolblossom Uncle – 53 married Tami Graydog – 50
Fern Woolblossom Cousin – ?? saw a ghost once
Morgon Woolblossom Uncle – 52 married Hovalith Ambershot – 48
Fethim Relicshine Mother – 48 wife and mother, married my father
Fenaliss Blackwig Aunt – 45 married Boru Blackwig – 49

Tag's Journal

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