Breaking and Entering

Player’s Guide

Size and Armor Class of Objects
Size AC Modifier
Colossal -8
Gargantuan -4
Huge -2
Large -1
Medium 0
Small +1
Tiny +2
Diminutive +4
Fine +8

Substance Hardness and Hit Points
Substance Hardness Hit Points
Glass 1 1 per. inch of thickness
Paper or Cloth 0 2 per inch of thickness
Rope 0 2 per inch of thickness
Ice 0 3 per inch of thickness
Leather or Hide 2 5 per inch of thickness
Wood 5 10 per inch of thickness
Stone 8 15 per inch of thickness
Iron or steel 10 30 per inch of thickness
Mithral 15 30 per inch of thickness
Adamantine 20 40 per inch of thickness

Object Hardness and Hit Points
Object Hardness Hit Points Break DC
Rope (1 in. in diameter) 0 2 23
Simple Wooden Door 5 10 13
Small Chest 5 1 17
Good Wooden Door 5 15 18
Treasure Chest 5 15 23
Strong Wooden Door 5 20 23
Masonry Wall (1 foot thick) 8 90 35
Hewn Stone (3 foot thick) 8 540 50
Chain 10 5 26
Manacles 10 10 26
Masterwork Manacles 10 10 28
Iron Door (2 inches thick) 10 60 28

DCs to Break or Burst Items
Strength Check to: DC
Break down simple door 13
Break down good door 18
Break down strong door 23
Burst rope bonds 23
Bend iron bars 24
Break down barred door 25
Burst chain bonds 26
Break down iron door 28
Condition DC Adjustment*
Hold Portal +5
Arcane Lock +10
  • If both apply, use larger

Smashing Objects

  • Only with bludgeoning or slashing weapons
  • Treat as a Sunder combat maneuver opposed by the object’s AC (see above)

Armor Class: An object’s AC is equal to 10 + Size Modifier + Dexterity Modifier (Dex=0, Modifier = -5) + -2 penalty for not moving.

  • Taking a full-round action to line up a shot means an automatic hit with melee and +5 to hit with missile weapon

Hardness: Subtract Hardness from weapon damage when being smashed

Hit Points: An object that has reached half of its HP total is “Broken”. When at 0 it is “Ruined”.

Energy Attacks: Deal half damage to most objects (GM discretion)

Ranged Weapon Attacks: Deal half damage to most objects

Ineffective Weapons: Some weapons simply can’t damage certain objects. For example, a bludgeoning weapon simply can’t damage a rope. Likewise, most melee weapons are useless against stone.

Immunities: Objects are immune to non-lethal damage and critical hits. Even animated objects have these immunities.

Magic Armor, Shields, and Weapons: Each +1 enhancement gives +2 to Hardness and +10 to hit points

Vulnerabilities: Certain attacks are particularly devastating against certain objects (fire against cloth, for example). These objects take double damage and hardness is ignored for this attack.

Damaged Objects: A damaged or “broken” item remains functional until it is reduced to 0 Hit Points. Damaged (but not destroyed) items can be repaired with the Craft skill or with certain spells.

Saving Throws: Non-magical, unattended items never make saving throws. It item being attended by a character (held, worn, etc.) makes a saving throw at the same level as the character.

  • Magic items always get saving throws. All saves are at 2 + Half Caster Level
  • An attended magic item makes saves as its wielder or as itself, which ever gives the higher bonus.

Animated Objects: Treat animated objects as creatures in regard to their AC (they are not inanimate).

Breaking Items

When a character is trying to break or burst something with sudden force rather than dealing damage, use a Strength check instead of a to hit roll. Consult the table above for the “Break DC” to determine success.

Damaged Items: If an object has lost half or more of its HP, then treat as “broken” and it loses 2 to its DC

Larger and smaller creatures get bonuses/penalties for their ability to break open doors:

  • Fine (-16), Diminutive (-12), Tiny (-8), Small (-4)
  • Large (4), Huge (8), Gargantuan (12), Colossal (16)
Common Armor, Weapon, and Shield Hardness and Hit Points
Weapon or Shield Hardness Hit Points
Light Blade 10 2
One-Handed Blade 10 5
Two-Handed Blade 10 10
Light Metal-Hafted Weapon 10 10
One-Handed Metal-Hafted Weapon 10 20
Light Hafted Weapon 5 2
One-Handed Hafted Weapon 5 5
Two-Handed Hafted Weapon 5 10
Projectile Weapon 5 5
Armor Varies by material Armor Bonus x5
Buckler 10 5
Light Wooden Shield 5 7
Heavy Wooden Shield 5 15
Light Steel Shield 10 10
Heavy Steel Shield 10 20
Tower Shield 5 20
  • Add +2 Hardness for every +1 enhancement bonus for magic items
  • The HP value given is for Medium weapons. Divide by 2 for each category level smaller than Medium or multiply by 2 for each category larger
  • Add +10 HP for every +1 enhancement bonus for magic items

Breaking and Entering

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