Spear of Salvation

An Artifact of Power, Forged to Save the World

weapon (ranged)

This magical spear has a haft made of Ysarian Steel and a head made of Cassite crystal. It is also imbued with powerful magics.

  • +5 enhancement bonus to hit and damage
  • Axiomatic: Law-aligned, +2d6 damage vs. chaotic creatures, chaotic creatures take negative levels to wield.
  • Bane: +2 enhancement bonus against Aberrations
  • Heart-Piercing: Functions as vorpal when used as a ranged piercing weapon, piercing the creature‚Äôs heart (if it has one) and killing it instantly.
  • +3 to confirm critical hits due to never losing its edge.
  • Ignores all armor and deflection bonuses.
  • Head shatters on a confirmed fumble.
  • Bypass hardness of less than 30 when sundering/breaking.

Forged with the help of dwarven smiths and the holy purpose imbued to Savaric by Isranthr the Hunter, this weapon has been forged with the explicit purpose of saving the world from a great evil that is to come.

Spear of Salvation

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