A true Bidenhänder or "two-handed greatsword" similar to a Claymore.

weapon (melee)

Deathblow is a re-made personalized master crafted magical great sword. It has a bone handle with a bone skull hilt with a crimson valknut displayed upon the forehead. The hand guard is a bone humanoid rib cage. A black tongue blade protrudes from the rib cage. There are Jossian runic symbols inscribed in crimson down the tongue of the blade that translates to “Deathblow” in trade speak.Magic_Dodsstoten.jpg


Dodsstoten translated to “Deathblow” in Trade Speak is an intelligent weapon.

Current Value: 9,200 Gold

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Communication: Telepathy with wielder (Deep male voice)
Sense: 120’ and has Darkvision
Languages: Jossian

Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 10
Ego: 4

Special Abilities:

Cast “Telekenetic Projectile” at will
Cast “Chill Touch” with the command word “Chill” (Jossian)
Cast “Flame” with the command word “Flame” (Jossian)


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