Crystal of Pentharic

Artifact of Summoning


Aura: Strong conjuration; CL 14th; Slot: none; Price 150,000 gp; Wt. —

This is a small, blood red crystal that contains a Schir demon. The demon can be summoned once per day with a specific ritual associated with the crystal. The ritual requires a pentagram, lasts for d4 rounds, and a drop of the caster’s blood to be placed on the crystal. Upon summoning, the demon has a 10% (01-10) chance of being freed from his binding. Otherwise, he will serve the master of the crystal for 1d4 hours before returning to the crystal. While summoned, the crystal becomes clear.


This crystal, now in the possession of Surm Ulrich, was once the property of the witch Zavara. She used the demon inside to wreak havoc against the enemies of her ally, Magrathar. It passed to Surm upon her death.

Crystal of Pentharic

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