Crimson Cord Looting


Morvar’s Stuff

(1) Ring of Protection**
1) Amulet of Natural Protection**

1500 gp
Backpack of Concealment type III : The backpack is a masterwork backpack with a Bag of Concealment attached to part of the backpack that sets against your back when you wear it, so as to not limit the bag’s opening space by the width of the backpack.
Efficient Quiver (resale 900 gp)
(+1) Black Mithral Full Plate** (resale 5825 gp + it is heavily customized)

Platinum Brotherhood Symbol (resale 250 gp)
MW Dwarven War Hammer (Dwarven Tomb) (resale: 156 gp)
Battle Axe (Savaric) (resale: 5 gp)
Composite Long Bow (Savaric) (resale: 50 gp)
60 Arrows
Composite Long Bow (17 St) (resale: 200 gp)
MW Chain Shirt (Morgath) (resale: 125 gp)

Morvar Journal ( Surm will burn this as missives of a madman )
Large Leather Belt Pouch #1
Large Leather Belt Pouch #2
Black Pants ; Black Shirt ; Black Belt ; Black Gloves

Holy Symbol of Jorn (Found in Dirt)
Parchment (Squid Layer)

Fire Drake Tooth X2 ; Frost Drake Tooth ; Rift Drake Tooth ; Dire Wolf Tooth

Leilior Courtier Outfit W/80 GP of Jewlery (resale 40 gp)
Ornie Courtier Outifit W/80 GPof Jewlery (resale 40 gp)

11,271.80 gp given to family in Aeth


- Gave to Lynecit

(3) Cloak of Resistance**
4) Belt of Giant Strength**
(3*) Ring of Protection**
2) Amulet of Natural Protection**
(+2) Headband of Vast Intelligence : Geography skill (resale 2000 gp)
Ring of the Chameleon / Sustenance (resale 7600 gp)

- Gave to Rilka

Black Boots of the Cat (resale 500 gp)
Crimson Sash of the War Champion (2000 gp)

Crimson Cord Looting

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