Rare crystal


Crafting with Cassite Crystal is a delicate process: DC 30 crafting is required and failure of 5 or more results in shattering the crystal.

Weapons forged from Cassite have the following properties: +3 to confirm critical hits due to never losing their edge. It ignores the armor bonuses from all armor and deflection bonuses. It also reduces the creation cost of magic weapons/armor by 15%. Weapons made from Cassite Crystal have a hardness of 30 and hp of 10/inch and is assumed to be of masterwork quality. However, Cassite crystal will shatter on a confirmed fumble attack roll… (x400 gp).

Armor imbued with Cassite has the following properties: Hardness 30, hp 25/inch, offers SR 20 to the wearer, including against magic missile (as the shield spell). Armor imbued with Cassite is automatically assumed to be of masterwork quality. However, if protecting against a confirmed critical hit, the crystal will shatter… (x800 gp).


This is another rare element only found in the deepest reaches of the underground kingdoms. The secrets of its use were lost with the Aedonaii and have only recently been uncovered.


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