Perfect Golden Lute

musical instrument

Slot none; Aura strong transmutation; CL 20th; Weight 3 lbs.

The perfect golden lute is said to be a flawless instrument; its tone and clarity are unrivaled. It is an instrument so fine it practically performs itself, granting anyone who plays it a +10 competency bonus on Perform (string instruments) checks with it. A character with ranks in Perform (string instrument) can play the lute to activate countersong, distraction, or fascinate (as the bardic performance abilities) as if he were a 1st-level bard, performing a number of rounds per day equal to his Charisma modifier. If the user of the perfect golden lute is a bard, he adds +2 to the DC of all bardic performance abilities using the lute, and can use bardic performance with the lute for an additional 6 rounds per day.

The perfect golden lute shatters into splinters if a day passes in which no music is played within 1,000 miles of it, or if its bearer is killed by a bard spell or bardic performance.


During the time of The Scattering, men and women of all races roved the land looking for glory and honor, much as they do in these more civilized times. Here, in the dawn of the current age, arose a powerful band of adventurers (known now simply as The Five) whose names echo through the annals of history:

The last, the great Ithraniel, bore a beautiful and perfectly-tuned lute called Anglorion. It is said that Anglorion never left the bard’s side, even with her untimely death in the shadow-filled kingdoms of the Underdark. Over the years, the lute was imbued with much of Ithraniel’s talent and became a powerful magical artifact. Knowing this, and that lesser performers would be willing to use the instrument to further their careers, the four remaining companions hid Ithraniel’s tomb, and sealed the lute in a vault needing four keys to retrieve. Here the instrument has lain dormant for centuries.

Legends told throughout the following years told of adventurers who had found one of the four keys to Anglorion’s Vault, but, as of yet, the lute has not resurfaced…


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