A Letter from Morvar



First let me say I know you love me, I know you care about me.

Now, I write this letter because it is painfully clear that we cannot hold a constructive conversation face to face. You have your beliefs, I have mine, and it’s quite apparent that neither of us is ever going to understand the other, which breaks my heart. I maintain that I am not the one in the wrong here, and that there are sever double standards between I and the rest of you for whatever reason. You disregard a plan, everyone seems to understand. I disregard a plan that even you agree was the right thing to do, and I am physically and verbally attacked. Their physical and verbal attack is ok with everyone, by my response to ALL of this makes me the bad guy in the entire situation. This isn’t the first time, and there is no doubt if I stayed it wouldn’t be the last. I did the right thing and I have paid dearly for it. I am tired this treatment. I am tired of the lack of respect. I am tired of situations and conversations being twisted and manipulated to serve your three’s agendas whatever they may be. Even now, I am sure you are trying to find ways to turn all of this letter back on me to make me out as even more of a bad guy, which is what I still don’t understand. Not once did you defend my actions against Rodly as the right thing to do. Not once can I ever remember you defending me, but I can remember many times you defend them. I am tired, just tired. I deserve apologies for what they did, but instead I get criticized and abused more. I don’t understand why you just didn’t be honest with me and ask me to leave the Cord. No matter, it no longer makes a difference. Clearly you three….especially the other two, do not care about me the way I care about you. I believe you that you are waiting for me with open arms. I also believe the other two are not, and that your open arms are conditional for me to be ok with my treatment. Therefore I am leaving.

Upon payment of my fair shares of the most recent cut, and my fair shares of the group funds, my fair shares for the value of group items, along with rights to ½ of 1 lot, your choice, in Kalimsport with ½ of the 10,000 Gold improvement equalling 5,000 for my share, I hereby resign my affiliation with the Crimson Cord and all connection and duty owed to it. I am sure the remaining members of the group will feel a need to vote on this, so as still a member of the council, I will refrain from casting a vote on this subject, but request that the vote is unanimous between you last three. Once (assuming you vote yes) you have agreed to these terms, I promise to depart from your presence leaving your affairs to you and never returning to ask for reinstatement or for you help, approval, or guidance again. I will also never affiliate with or confirm I ever had an affiliation with the Crimson Cord. I will instead, embark upon my own personal interest. I believe this to be the best for all of us and in my heart know this is what all 3 of you long for. I will patiently be awaiting a reply just outside south of town in my own personal camp. My last request is that only you Surm, deliver to me the vote and, assuming yes is the vote, my fair shares and/or arrangements for them.


Morvar Ulrich – Soon to be former founding member of the Crimson Cord


Surm will explain how he received the letter…

As we were getting settled into the ‘Dancing Hare’, Leif came to me and handed me this letter saying, “A half-elf gave me this as I was putting away the horses. He asked if I was a member of the Crimson Cord and when I said ‘yes’, he asked me to give this to you.”

A Letter from Morvar

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