Zenya Zaoravarian

Fortune Teller and Travelling Show Proprietor


CG Female Human Illusionist 7


Zenya Zaoravarian founded her Traveling Show some twenty years ago with her husband, Bremen Zaoravarian. She was an illusionist and Harrow card reader and he was a strongman and knife-thrower. They added other performers to the show as time went on and traveled extensively across Yulania, Kuskar, and Ornis before returning home again to Yulania. The following year they added Leilior to their itinerary and, since then, have been doing rather well, and have traveled throughout Zaldara—even as far away as Tarsas and all the way to northern Jossia and southern Achera.

Bremen has since passed away, but the show carries on with Zenya reading cards and running the caravan. Others have joined her—musicians, acrobats, and even a traveling magic shop. They all have formed a family of performers that look out for each other. It’s all Zenya has ever wanted or needed.

Zenya Zaoravarian

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