Tyrian Moonsilver

Half-Elf Wizard


NG Male Half-Elf Wizard 2

Tyrian Moonsilver is an attractive half-elf male who appears to be in his mid-twenties. He has blonde hair and lavender eyes.


Tyrian Moonsilver is a wizard who traveled with the adventuring group known as the Gray Eagles until that fateful day when their numbers were decimated in Darkmoon Vale by a kobold ambush. Only he and his companion, a bard named Edgrin Galesong, survived to be captured by the kobolds.

Tyrian would have met his maker at the hands of a kobold high priest without the intervention of Azuredee Silverthistle and her cousin, Alys Mournbow. The two adventurers rescued both the half-elf and the halfling on their exploration of the ruins beneath Droskar’s Crag where the kobolds had made their lair.

Tyrian is now recovering at the inn Jak’a’napes in Falcon’s Hollow.

Tyrian Moonsilver

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