Thorne Crofton

Brother of the Church of Halor


CG Male Human Cleric 4

Size: Medium
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 200 lb.
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Light Brown, wavy; Thin beard
Skin: Light (Midron)

STR 14 DEX 12 CON 11 INT 11 WIS 19 CHA 12

Hp: 25

Speed: 30’

AC: 15 (Touch 11, Flat-Footed 14) [+ 4 Chain shirt, + 1 Dex]

Initiative: + 1

Fort + 4 ; Ref + 2 ; Will + 8

Mêlée + 5 [Morningstar] (d8, x2)
Missile + 4 [Long composite bow] (d8, x3, 110’ increment)
CMB + 5
CMD 16

Feats: Extra Channel, Improved Channel, Turn Undead
Skills: Diplomacy + 6; Heal + 9; Knowledge (Arcana) + 4; Knowledge (history) + 5; Knowledge (planes) + 5; Knowledge (religion) + 6; Perception + 4; Sense Motive + 6


0 level Spells

  • Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Stabilize

1st level Spells

  • Bless, Bless Water, Detect Undead, Hide from Undead [Domain: protection from evil]

2nd level Spells

  • Aid, Bull’s Strength, Ghostbane Dirge (APG) [Domain: heat metal]


  • Alignment Aura
  • Spontaneous casting
  • Channel positive energy (8/day) (2d6) [DC 13 Will for 1/2 damage]
  • Domains: Good, Sun
    • Good clergy can bestow a sacred bonus on d20 rolls for a round, and at 8th level make a weapon holy (Touch of Good: 7/day for +2 bonus)
    • Sun clergy can add their cleric level to positive energy damage to the undead and undead cannot use their channel resistance. At 8th level you give off light in a 30 foot radius that causes undead to take your level damage per round, and that dispels darkness.
  • Concentration check: d20 + cleric level + wisdom mod. Vs. DC

Languages: Tradespeak, Eacenian


Long composite bow
Chainmail shirt
Quiver with 20 arrows
Winter blanket
Pitons (10)
Pouch (2)
20 days rations
50’ silk rope
1 waterskin
1 vial
Silver holy symbol (sun)
Spell component pouch
2 flasks of holy water
2 vials of cure light wounds potions
1 vial of cure moderate wounds potion
3 vials of lesser restoration potions


Thorne is a relatively young priest of Halor but has gained much experience questing through the darkened reaches of Zaldara, hoping to bring his lord’s light to the shadows.

He has recently been recruited to assist a band of adventurers in exploring the ruins of the city of Salvi.

Thorne calls the city of Jenna in Eacenia home.

Thorne Crofton

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