Thormax Ulrich

Exiled Sorcerer


LN Male Human Sorcerer 7 (Undead Bloodline)


Thormax is the great-uncle of Surm Ulrich, Lothar Ulrich, Mõrvar Ulrich, Ren Ulrich, and Sonja Ulrich. He was the uncle of Kromas Ulrich.

When Thormax was a young man, he was cast out of both village and clan by the young King Alrik Brytagsson for sorcery and the strange, undead, taint of his blood.

At age 13, the twins Surm and Mõrvar were cast out of the family and clan due to their differences—being both sorcerers and “tainted” with undead blood. They were taken in and trained in the art of sorcery by their Great Uncle Thormax, an exile of their clan as well.

Since then, Thormax has lived alone, in exile, in a hut not far from Aeth. He keeps his ear to the ground for news from home but has no hope of reconciliation with his people. He has come to accept this fact.

Thormax Ulrich

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