The Reaper

An Urban Legend of the most feared assassin.....or is it?


As legend has it, several lifetimes ago, an assassin from Kalimsport left the business. He had grown tired of the job, and had a change of heart when he had met a woman at a tavern. Back then, Kalimsport was just a small city, far from what it is today. The man had traveled all over collecting contracts and had made a name for himself as the greatest at the profession. He was simply known as the Quiet, because he came without warning and left with only lifeless bodies as a trace. This man, believing he was out of the game and his identity protected, married this woman and planned to start a family. Rumor has it that with the money he had earned, he paid for rights to farm a piece of land not far from Kalimsport that belonged to a local baroness.
It is said, that for many years, he and his family lived in peace until one day his identity was discovered by a local baron looking to acquire lands from another local baron. This baron sought out the Quiet because not even assassin guilds would take the contract he was looking to open. Many say the Quiet refused him, which upset the baron, and made the Quiet a lose end.This is where it gets a bit confusing what happen, however, popular belief is that the baron found a new assassin and accomplished his goals. Then sent the assassin to make sure the Quiet never spoke to anyone about it.
Legend says, that it was a cold winter night. The Quiet’s wife, 2 boys and daughter were all asleep he heard a noise outside. As if something or someone was stalking about. He quietly slipped outside to see what it was. Feeling a sense of danger, he quietly made his way to his tool shed where he retrieved the first thing he grabbed, his Scythe for harvesting the wheat he grew on the land. As he stepped out of the shed, he felt the sharp pain on the back of his head as he was knocked unconscious. When he came too, he found himself bound and gagged, laying on the ground. In front of him, his family, all bound and gagged, on their knees, looking at him. Behind them, a cloaked figure holding the very scythe that he had retrieved out of the shed. His family, crying in horror were helpless.
They say the figure spoke in a low but clear voice, “Mr. Quiet, a contract on you and your family will soon be collected. This may be one of the easiest jobs I have ever taken, and here I thought you would be a challenge, considering who you are and all." He further said, "A few people whose family members you killed, wanted to make sure I killed yours in front of you so you could feel their pain.” The man immediately began working at his bonds, but the cloaked figure, starting with his wife, and one by one, used the scythe to Coup de Grace his family. The man was helpless as he watched his family murdered before his eyes. His hands were almost free when the shadow figure walked up to him. In that brief moment, everything seem to slow down. He could see the faintest outline of the face of the man who just murdered his family. They say this assassin had a scar that seemed to travel from the bottom of the left eye down, and across his cheek. Just that brief moment was all he got before the man buried the scythe deep into his shoulder and killing the Quiet.
They say months went by, and all seemed to be good for the local baron. One night, the baron had a party. During the party he became unusually ill and headed to his room upstairs. The next day, when he didn’t awake to the knocking on his door as usual, guards entered his room to find him dead. A scythe was lodged into his chest. Next to him was the head of an unknown man, with a scar running from the bottom of his eye down across his cheek. A note rested on the bed stating very simply, “You reap what you sow”. That was the first time, the Reaper was referenced. Since then, every assassination thought to be made by the Reaper, a symbol of a scythe was found near by. On occasion, a note with alleged offenses to the people may be found.
Whether it was the will of the gods, or the doing of a demon beast, many believe The Quiet’s spirit remained and is no longer man, but perhaps Death itself. To this day, there is a saying among high profile figures. They say, “You can’t escape the Reaper”, and is sometimes used to warn young high profile people from pushing the boundaries of elicit activity that might hurt the innocent. Much like the boogie man, horror stories of the Reaper have been floating around Kalmisport for hundreds of years. So the urban legend says!! You can’t be from Kalimsport and not know the story of the Reaper. For that matter, it’s legend has even traveled to throughout Ornis, Eacenia, and Leilior. Anyone from those areas can tell the tell of the Reaper, with a few differences in the stories based on the locations.
Though many have claimed to see him, it is believed very few if any actually have. The most common description over the last several hundred years has been that of an ancient (hundreds of years old) undead like creature with pale white skin as if he is a ghostly form of a humanoid figure. His skin is scared, and like old leather wrapped tightly against his bones, almost mummified like and He is approximately 5’10. He is bald. His eyes are pupiless blood red, like maybe that of an undead demon fiend., He is dressed in black flowing tattered robes. There seems to be a lingering shadow drifting off of him. It is said that it appears to be wielding an old, rotting harvesting scythe.


The “Reaper” has been credited with thousands of high profile assassinations. There has not seemed to have been any down time from the first reported case hundreds of years ago, to current. Assassinations of mostly high profile nobles and royals have been reported in virtually every monarchy in Zaldara, but most activity seems to be in Ornis, Eacenia, and Leilior. Since near the beginning of Kalimsport’s birth, the “Reaper” has been at work. Even the Overlord of Kalimsport considers his every decision.

The Reaper

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