Tessara Silverthistle

Mother of Azuredee


Tessara Silverthistle is a beautiful elf woman and the mother of Azuredee Silverthistle. She is also the aunt, by blood, of Alys Mournbow.


Tessara grew up in a prosperous merchant family in Orielle. When she was a young maiden, she fell in love with a young mercenary fighter, a human named Alban Mournbow. He often came to Orielle, guarding the trade caravans that came in from Borael. Their dalliance produced a daughter, Azuredee Silverthistle.

Tessara’s family would not allow a marriage between the two young people, and, if all were honest, a marriage was not being sought. Tessara was happy to raise Azuredee on her own and Alban was happy to have his freedom. The two stayed in contact over the years, but were never monogamous.

Azuredee’s childhood was hard. Her extended family was less accepting of Tessara’s dalliance and living in the city as a minority provided its own share of difficulties. As a result, when Azuredee came of age, she contacted Alban’s brother, Jakin Mournbow, in Borael, a former bard, to whom her daughter could apprentice. Jakin accepted the offer of his niece’s tutelage. Trusting that her daughter was in good hands, she said her tearful farewells and sent Azuredee into the human lands.

Tessara Silverthistle

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