Sakari of Zyend

Viscount and Agent of the Baroness


The Viscount is a strikingly beautiful Southron woman. Of her skills, the Viscount Sakari has only said that she specializes in “clandestine infiltration and combat.” She has an intense gaze and a predatory aspect at times, especially when her quarry goes to ground.


Viscount Sakari of Zyend is an Acheran adventurer who was granted a title for her service to the Baroness of Ebongate. No one knows what that service was, but the mystery has fueled many hours of speculation among the nobility. Sakari will only say that she is sworn to secrecy and is honor-bound to be silent on the subject.

She has since formed an alliance with Azuredee Silverthistle to bring down a sinister “Society” that is corrupting the upper echelons of Ebongate society.

Sakari of Zyend

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