Paranthiel Springvale

Scholar and Dilettante


CN Male Elf Aristocrat 9/Expert 7


Paranthiel Sprinvale is a dilettante scholar in Ysar antiquities with an estate in the city of Almathriel.

He has been consulted by Azuredee Silverthistle, whose aunt Azuria Silverthistle maintains a correspondence with the nobleman.

He has also hired the Crimson Cord to explore some Ysar ruins to the east of Almathriel on his behalf.

He is a bit of an eccentric, somewhat flamboyant in manner, but quite serious about his scholarship. He lectures periodically at the University of Kalimsport and maintains a teleportation circle there.

His majordomo/steward is Adraestaia, a more serious woman who seems very capable at herding the sometimes flighty noble where he needs to go.

Paranthiel Springvale

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