Orian Cantrill

Lady of Cantrill Hall, Ebongate


NG Female Human Aristocrat 10


Lady Cantrill is a minor noble in the city of Ebongate, though she has many powerful friends. She has a husband, Lord Drinan Cantrill, and a daughter, Celestria.

It was in the hopeful rescue of Celestria that Lady Cantrill met Azuredee Silverthistile and Alys Mournbow. She and her husband called upon the duo to rescue her daughter from a nefarious lodge. While they could not rescue Celestria—as the girl was complicit in the various nefarious dealings of the lodge, Lady Cantrill formed a friendship with Azuredee and Alys and granted them a boon for revealing the truth about her daughter. The end result of that boon ultimately lead to Azuredee and Alys gaining land, a manor, and the title of Baronet.

Orian Cantrill

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