Half-Orc Barbarian


XP 1200
Male half-orc Barbarian 4
N Medium humanoid (half-orc)
Init: + 2; Senses: Perception + 7; Darkvision 60’

AC 16 (touch 12, flat-footed 14) [armor + 4, Dex + 2]
Hp 34 (4d12 + 4)
Fort + 5, Ref + 3 Will + 1

Speed 30’
Melee Scimitar + 8 (d6 + 4/18 – 20)
Melee Spiked Armor (special) d6 (grapple)

Special Attacks
Rage: 11 rounds/day (free action) = + 4 morale bonus to STR and CON and + 2 morale bonus to Will saves; – 2 penalty to AC. + 2 hp per Hit Dice. Cannot use any Cha, Dex, Int, based skills or ability that requires patience or concentration.

Str 18 (+ 4) Dex 14 (+ 2) Con 12 (+ 1) Int 10 Wis 11 Cha 9 (- 1)
Base Atk + 4; CMB + 8; CMD 20

Athletic (+ 2 on Climb and Swim rolls)
Power Attack (- 1 to hit / + 2 damage)
Uncanny Dodge: can’t be caught flat-footed

Skills (4 + INT modifier)
Acrobatics (+ 7); Climb (+ 11); Intimidate (+ 5); Perception (+ 7); Ride (Dex); Survival (+ 7); Swim (+ 13)

+2 racial bonus to Intimidate

Languages: Tradespeak, Urkhani


Ferocity: 1/day when brought below 0 hp, can fight for one more round as if disabled

Weapon Familiarity: proficient with greataxes and falchions and treat any weapon with ‘orc’ in its name as a marital weapon

Fast Movement: + 10’ to land movement when in no/light/med armor and not carrying a heavy load

Trap Sense (+ 1): bonus to Reflex saves to avoid traps + 1 dodge bonus to AC vs. attacks made by traps

Rage Powers:

Powerful Blow (Ex): The barbarian gains a + 1 on a single damage roll. This bonus increases by + 1 for every 4 levels the barbarian has attained. This power is used as a swift action before the roll to hit is made. The power can only be used once per rage.

Intimidating Glare (Ex): The barbarian can make an Intimidate check against one adjacent foe as a move action. If the barbarian successfully demoralizes the opponent, the foe is shaken for d4 rounds + 1 round for every 5 points the barbarian exceeds the DC.

Hide armor (spiked)
Belt pouch
Flint and steel
Iron pot
Rope (50’)
Torches (10)
Trail rations (5 days)
57 gp


Marek hails from the Isles of Urkhan, from the village of Karsk. He claims membership with the clan of the Black Talon, though the truth is that he is trying to prove his worth to that clan. That is his quest—to impress Gurach, the priest of Saarask of the clan with his prowess and his strength.

According to Black Talon clan lore, this “hero” Darkbane slew the clan’s priest of Saarask back in the day, an orc called Truarsk. If Marek can spit in the eyes of the paladins of Barthal and desecrate the tomb of their hero, the slayer of Truarsk, then perhaps Marek is more than a useless half-man after all. . .

Marek has traveled a long way to Riverton to complete his mission and return to Karsk with proof that he has completed the deed—a relic from the dead paladin’s casket (a bone, his skull, etc.). The end of his quest is finally in sight.

Update: Marek has been persuaded to give up this quest and find another way to prove himself to his clan.


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