Lothar Ulrich

Human Barbarian


Lothar is a tall man with blond hair and beard and piercing blue eyes.


Lothar is the oldest child of the Ulrich family. He has a younger brother named Ren and a sister, Sonja. His youngest siblings are the twins Mõrvar Ulrich and Surm Ulrich. The twins were born with the “taint of the grave”, passed down through the blood of their Father. However, the “taint” skipped him and the other siblings.

When the twins were 13, they were cast out of the family and clan due to their differences. They were taken in and trained in the art of sorcery by our Great Uncle Thormax, a fellow exile of the clan.

When the twins were 17, they returned to attempt to reconcile with and forgive the family for the “taint” their father passed on to them. Upon the suggestion that he carried the tainted blood, Lothar’s father became enraged and charged Surm with an axe. As he stared in disbelief, Mõrvar stepped in front of him, caught his father’s wrist in his hand, and as he physically shook with fear, Mõrvar slit his throat with the man’s own dagger. Mõrvar then tossed the bloody dagger at Lothar’s feet and said calmly, “I dare you to avenge him.” Mõrvar then just turned and walked away as if nothing had occurred. Surm surveyed the family as they stared in shock, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, you’re forgiven.” Then he followed Mõrvar out of the village. They have not been back there since.

Its been two years since Mõrvar killed Lothar’s father. He went to Josemeedt to seek information on their whereabouts as he has started to track them. For what purpose—revenge, retribution, reconciliation, no one knows.

Lothar later fought with his brother against the warlord Magrathar in what came to be known as The Battle of Demon Keep, freeing many Aethyng slaves—including their mother. Because of this, there came to be a grudging reconciliation between the brothers and a dropping of the blood debt owed for the killing of their father.

Lothar Ulrich

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