Kromas Ulrich

Angry Father of Surm and Mõrvar


Kromas was the father of Surm Ulrich, Lothar Ulrich, Mõrvar Ulrich, Ren Ulrich, and Sonja Ulrich. He was the husband of Hilda Ulrich.

At age 13, the twins Surm and Mõrvar were cast out of the family and clan due to their differences—being both sorcerers and “tainted” with undead blood. They were taken in and trained in the art of sorcery by our Great Uncle Thormax, an exile of their clan as well.

At age 17, the twins attempted to reconcile with and forgive their family for the “taint” that Kromas had passed on to us. Upon the suggestion that he carried the tainted blood, Kromas became enraged and charged Surm with an axe. As he stared in disbelief, Mõrvar stepped in front of him, caught Kromas’ wrist in his hand, and as the older man physically shook with fear, Mõrvar slit his throat with his own dagger. Mõrvar then tossed the bloody dagger at Lothar’s feet and said calmly, “I dare you to avenge him.” Mõrvar then just turned and walked away as if nothing had occurred. Surm surveyed the family as they stared in shock, shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, you’re forgiven,” and then followed Mõrvar out of the village.

Later, Lothar came looking for Surm and Mõrvar to pay the weregildt for their father’s death. After negotiating with their clan’s king, Alrik Brytagsson, a settlement was reached in which the twins would help the Aethyngs against the warlord Magrathar and would pay Lothar 50 gold pieces in weregildt. Thus, a bloodfeud against the twins was avoided.

Kromas Ulrich

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