Ianes Redstaff

Wizard For Hire

CR 14

XP 38,400

Human conjurer 15

CN Medium humanoid (human)

Init +6; Senses see invisibility; Perception +15


AC 22, touch 15, flat-footed 19 (+4 armor, +2 deflection, +2 Dex, +1 dodge, +3 natural)

hp 125 (15d6+70)

Fort +11, Ref +10, Will +12

Defensive Abilities magic circle against evil; Immune fire (120 points); Resist electricity 30


Speed 30 ft.

Melee mwk quarterstaff 7/2 (1d6–1)

Arcane School Spell-Like Abilities (CL 15th; concentration +21)

At will—dimensional steps (450 feet/day)

9/day—acid dart (1d6+7 acid)

Conjurer Spells Prepared (CL 15th; concentration +21)

8th—incendiary cloud (DC 26), summon monster VIII

7th—Form of the dragon II, Mage’s Magnificent Mansion, mass hold person (DC 23)

6th—quickened acid arrow, acid fog, disintegrate (DC 22), quickened invisibility, summon monster VI

5th—Major creation, Permanency, secret chest, break enchantment, teleport, widened glitterdust (DC 20)

4th—arcane eye, confusion (DC 20), dimension door, greater invisibility, minor creation, solid fog

3rd—displacement, magic circle against evil, protection from energy, slow (DC 19), stinking cloud (2, DC 21)

2nd—acid arrow, glitterdust (DC 20), knock, mirror image, resist energy, see invisibility, web (DC 20)

1st—charm person (DC 17), color spray (DC 17), expeditious retreat, feather fall, grease, mage armor, mount

0 (at will)—acid splash, detect magic, mage hand, read magic

Opposition Schools evocation, necromancy

Base Statistics Without mage armor, magic circle against good, protection from energy (fire), resist energy (electricity), and see invisibility, the wizard’s statistics are Senses normal; AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 15; Defensive Abilities none; Immune none; Resist none.


Str 8, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 23, Wis 10, Cha 12

Base Atk +7; CMB +6; CMD 21

Feats Augment Summoning, Combat Casting, Craft Wondrous Item, Dodge, Extend Spell, Greater Spell Focus (conjuration), Improved Initiative, Quicken Spell, Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Conjuration), Spell Penetration, Toughness, Widen Spell

Skills Bluff +16, Diplomacy +16, Fly +10, Knowledge (arcana, planes) +24, Knowledge (dungeoneering, geography) +14, Knowledge (nature, religion) +19, Perception +15, Ride +7, Sense Motive +10, Spellcraft +24

Languages Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Tradespeak, Leilioran, Ignan, Infernal, Terran

SQ arcane bond (staff), summoner’s charm (7 rounds)

Combat Gear, potion of cure serious wounds, potion of invisibility, scroll of summon monster VIII, staff of charming; Other Gear amulet of natural armor +3, belt of mighty constitution +2, cloak of resistance +3, headband of vast intelligence +4, ring of protection +2, spellbook, 2,150 gp


Ianes Redstaff is a professional wizard for hire out of Aldasar. He lives in a ramshackle home in the University district there. He is known to be a bit of a mercenary, with dollar signs in his eyes, but he is not completely heartless. He’s crass and a bit boorish, and gives the impression of being a bit of an amateur, but actually knows quite a bit about spellcraft.

He can usually be seen in a battered red wizard’s hat and wearing goggles.

Ianes Redstaff

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