Ernald Ghoulsbane

Viscount of Viridian Hall


CG Male Human Cleric/Aristocrat 10/3


Viscount Ernald Ghoulsbane received his title 10 years ago after saving the life of the Marquis’ of Buckmaster’s son. He earned the sobriquet “Ghoulsbane” during his years as an adventurer—he was a cleric of Halor who often battled the undead in ancient Ysar crypts while traveling in the Elven lands and through Borael. He is reputed to be an entertaining raconteur and an excellent host, as well as a good man.

He resides at Viridian Hall in Ebongate with his wife, Mistress Alvina Ghoulsbane. Alvina is a sweet woman of gentle disposition who is clearly in love with her husband, and he with her. She was a humble baker who fell in love with the dashing cleric. They met at the temple of Halor and somehow hit it off. He would visit with her often when he would return from his various ventures. When he retired, he wooed her more insistently and the two married soon thereafter.

Ernald Ghoulsbane

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