Baron Vartan Hartunian

Baron of Albasan


LN Male Human Aristocrat 3


Baron Hartunian is the ruler of the village of Albasan in southern Borael.

Six months ago (early 508), he returned from a trip his holdings in the Uralda Mountains with his wife and two children. Since that time, the village has lived in terror of its lord. The local inn has been closed for business by baronial decree. Strangers mysteriously disappear. Those that disagree with the Baron’s decrees have also disappeared.

While in the Uralda Mountains, Lady Mairan Hartunian was attacked and turned by a Vampire. The Baroness has since turned her two children into Vampire Spawn and has thoroughly dominated her husband. She and her spawn have fed upon the servants of the house and upon any strangers that come to the manor—as well as her husband’s political enemies.

Since then, the Baron has been rescued by Azuredee Silverthistle and Alys Mournbow and now resides in a house of healing in Ebongate.

Baron Vartan Hartunian

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