Almaric Felgate

Lord of Felgate Lodge, Ebongate


NE Male Human Aristocrat 10


Lord Almaric Felgate is a lord of Felgate Lodge, just outside of the city of Ebongate, along with several other holdings within the city. He is a popular and influential nobleman within Ebongate, though there are some that do not count themselves among his supporters. He had a minor scandal when he was a young man, but all record of the details of that incident have been lost and the only rumors that still exist are sketchy at best and incongruous with his current reputation as a gregarious and gracious host, ladies’ man, and bon vivant.

Recently, however, Lord Felgate was involved in an altercation involving the renowned bard, Azuredee Silverthistle, in which he accused her of destroying one of his establishments with a fireball and bringing false witness against him to the Lord of the Watch. She, apparently, reported deeds of a nefarious nature being done at his lodge. The charges against Azuredee were dropped, though not before she spent a week incarcerated.

Lady Celestria Cantrill has recently been seen on his arm at social gatherings. It is rumored that she has moved out of Cantrill Hall and now stays as a semi-permanent guest in Lord Felgate’s lodge.

Almaric Felgate

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