Campaign of the Month: September 2018

Shadows of the Rift

Session Thirty-One

The Gathering Storm


2 Longday 508

After being up all day, all night, and part of the following day, Surm and Savaric are feeling fatigued.

Surm and his brother, Mõrvar, ask about after Mirka, the priestess of Ulfethinn, and find that she is at that temple, which is a small fortification on one of the hills just out side of the village. Once there, they are met by a young man, a guard, at the gate, who asks “Who goes there?”

“Surm Ulrich to see Mirka. Now, boy!”

Mõrvar gives the guard a look. The boy says, “Uh, the priestess is resting.” Surm walks away, leaving Mõrvar staring at the guard.

They then go to Girda’s house, the widow of the late king of Yrda. Her household guards let them in. They inform Surm that she has gone to rest with Loran, her son. He tells the guards to let her know that he came by and to send for him at his tent at her convenience. The brothers then return to their camp to rest.

The rest of the camp, including Rilka, settles in to get eight hours of rest.

That evening, the camp wakes up, and Rilka opens a discussion of when they are going to leave and what their next plans are. Mõrvar and Surm want to talk to Mirka about recruiting more fighters from within the ranks of village, but Surm doesn’t want to do it if it is going to cause problems with Rilka. They don’t think they’ll get more help in Valtan as they came to Yrda for help. Rilka thinks that Mirka may have contacts. Rilka seems to want to hedge on the question. She wants any able-bodied fighters in Yrda to stay. Surm and Mõrvar once again try to persuade her that sending out able-bodied fighters send a strong message, even if it leaves the village undefended.

Furfur croaks “Dead men tell no tales” and laughs.

Surm wants to know if Rilka is prepared to go against the elders and recruit anyway or kowtow to the elders and not recruit. Rilka wants to go through Mirka. Rilka does not want to go against the elders if possible.

Mõrvar and Surm then decide to go to Girda’s house to apprise her of the latest events. They are met by her guards, who let them in. She greets them and says to Surm, “Oh, my friend, I am glad to see you. It has been a long, long day.”

Surm says, “I just wanted to let you know what decisions were made, if you haven’t heard already. The temple of Bruni and the temple of Yülthn will not assist in your attempt at weregild. But the temple of Ulfethinn has decided that Mirka will come with us. But the temple of Bruni will not send anyone nor will they let me ask for any help. So, we are still going to take up your request, recruit along the way, which may mean whatever we may have to be split up before we get it back depending on what kind of help we have to recruit.”

“I see.”

“But the message will be sent, which I think is the more important thing. I didn’t know if you knew of anyone who might want to take up this quest for you on your behalf, who would like to join us? Anyone who, in the name of Loran, would like to join us? I’ve got the feeling that this is your quest, not the village’s quest, that’s how it was explained to me.”

Girda says, “I have been discussing this with my household and I can send my cousin,” and she points to one of her men in the room, “Sigurd. He will go.”

Surm walks over to Sigurd and shakes his hand and welcomes him to the quest. He’s a young man, probably close to Surm’s age. “It is good that someone from Loran’s family will represent. I think we’re gearing up to leave in the morning.”

“I will be ready,” Sigurd says.

The price of the weregild is discussed. “The price, if the temple will pay it, will be 500 gold pieces, but I doubt the temple will pay,” Girda says.

“Does Sigurd speak for you on this?” Surm asks.

“Sigurd may speak for me,” Girda says.

Surm asks Sigurd if he has a horse, and he answers that he does.

Mõrvar asks him what his talents are. He answers that he is a woodsman.

Surm and Mõrvar then take their leave.

Meanwhile, Rilka and Savaric head to the temple of Ulfethinn. They are met at the gate by a young woman who asks “Who goes there?”

“Rilka Lazarsdottir, with Savaric, here to see the priestess Mirka.”

They open the gates and let the half orcs in. They are ushered into a side room off the sanctuary and are soon met by Mirka.

“Rilka,” Mirka says in greeting, smiling. “I meant to come and meet your party this evening. I had a long day and was resting. We need to make arrangements for our journey.”

“We were doing a bit of resting ourselves. I was holding vigil at the temple of Bruni last night myself. And with all the excitement, not a lot of rest. I was going to speak to you about the expedition going out tomorrow anyway,” Rilka says. “We’ve been talking about the group that’s leaving. Is it just you that is coming from the temple?”

“That’s the plan,” Mirka says. “I’m leaving behind one of the other priests to maintain the temple while I’m away.”

“Well, it becomes a matter of pride the number of people that come to represent on the journey. My companions have talked to the other two elders and we’re not sure how open they would be to asking other people to come.”

“More people from the village?” Mirka asks.

“Yes, more people from the village,” Rilka says.

“Well, no they don’t want to leave the village undefended in case raiders get word that we are in a precarious position.”

“We are in a precarious position. However, I believe that it also becomes a situation in which how can other villages show us respect if we do not send a good representation of ourselves to fix this problem,” Rilka says.

“I agree to an extent; that’s why I agreed to come,” Mirka says. “Of course, the other half of the argument is that it does us no good to have a reputation if we have no home to come back to.”

“Well I’d like to see if we can strike a balance somewhere in the middle of that.”

“That would be good.”

“Are there any other villagers that may be willing to fight? Some that we can spare?” Rilka asks.

“Well, that would be up to them? I mean, if we wanted to put out a call. . . "

“Would the other elders work against that? Leaving the village in strife is not something we want to do either,” Rilka says.

Mirka looks thoughtful. “I don’t think Jonthin would. Lazar? I would not think he would. He would probably not send his priests.”

“He has said as much.”

“I don’t think they’ll like it. But I don’t think they’ll work against it. They don’t want to pull the village apart any more than it already is either. Lazar wants order.”

“I would like to see if anyone will move on with us, but I don’t want to rip this town apart. Can you help with that?” Rilka asks.

“I am for making a call and letting people decide for themselves,” Mirka says.

“Do we need to speak to the other elders before we do this, though?” Rilka asks.

Savaric asks Mirka if she knows of other places they could possibly recruit from. She says that she doesn’t believe that anybody else has the stakes involved that Yrda does, that nobody else was wronged the way this village was.

“What about people with a sense of adventure who want to go out and do things?” Savaric asks. “What about other priests of Ulfethinn that are pretty much the enemy of Jörn?”

“We are rivals of Jörn, not their enemy. There is a slight difference,” Mirka corrects the half orc. “But, we usually try to work against the machinations of Jörn, but I have a personal stake in that this temple has wronged my village. Other villages may have people looking for adventure, but are we looking for adventure or are we looking justice?”

“We’re looking for justice, but we need help, even if that is from someone looking for adventure,” Savaric says.

“Those are that are looking for adventure may get adventure, but they may also be looking for profit. Can you provide that?” Mirka asks.

“We don’t know,” Savaric says.

“That might be problematic, but that might be possibility in recruiting along the way,” Mirka says. “As far as this quest, no one has as personal a stake as someone from this village. I can put out the call. The other elders will not like it. But I will put out the call.”

“I want to have the support of all the elders,” Rilka says.

“I do not think that this is possible,” Mirka says. “Jonthin and Lazar are both of the opinion that this is a foolhardy quest. They are both of the opinion that, frankly, we go to our death.”

“I think that honor demands it,” Rilka says.

“I am in your corner,” Mirka says.

“I know,” Rilka says with a sigh.

“We have but one life,” Mirka says, “One life to go out and mete out justice, right wrongs, and by the Thunderer’s grace, I will do so. But I’m afraid that your father and Jonthin are not of the same opinion. I don’t think that’s going to change.”

Rilka looks sad.

“Before I give you an answer for that. . .” Rilka says.

“Before you give me an answer for what?” Mirka asks.

“Before I respond to putting out the call,” Rilka says.

“Oh, I’m putting out the call,” Mirka says.

“Ah. Oh.” Rilka says.

“This is not a question,” Mirka says.

“Before I do that, I need to go to Valtan,” Rilka says.

" The village with the yeti issue, " Mirka says.

“When I was in the temple last night, Bruni showed me a vision,” Rilka says.

“Oh, that is interesting,” Mirka says.

“I will be making this trip, at least, to that village,” Rilka says. “I need to stop there first.”

“I see.”

“So we leave in the morning?” Rilka asks.

“I will be putting the word out, and if everyone can gather. I don’t know if the rest of your band can be ready in the morning?” Mirka asks.

“I suspect we can be,” Rilka says.

“Then we have preparations to make.”

Rilka and Savaric say their goodbyes and leave the temple.

Everyone meets back at the camp and Rilka explains what happened with Mirka back at the temple and Surm is surprised, being as how that was not what Rilka had originally intended to happen. In Surm’s opinion, it’s good for the party, but not good for the village, possibly representing a rift between the elders.

Rilka lets Olaf know that their group will be ready to leave in the morning. He and his group of farmers are pleased and will be ready.

Everyone then hears the sound of the dull thud of hammer striking metal in the center of the village. The party gathers with the rest of the village at the center of Yrda. A loud female voice, Mirka’s, cries, “People of Yrda, hear me!” She is decked out in full-plate armor, striking it with a warhammer. “We have been dealt a blow this past night. Some amongst us are going to go and strike back against those that would do us harm. I am leaving with those amongst us that have taken the call. I am calling amongst you for those who will also take up that call. If you will go with us against the temple of Jörn to take the blood-price for Girda, for Dunig, for Yrda, come forward.”

There is some murmuring in the crowd and someone calls out, “You go against a temple. Is this not a holy place? Do you not fear the wrath of the gods?”

Furfur starts cackling. Mirka says “I ride with the Thunderer. I have no fear. Rilka rides with Bruni.” Rilka steps forward.

Jonthin, the priest of Yülthn and Lazar, the priest of Bruni, stand on the periphery of the crowd, staring at Mirka with frowns on their faces. They say nothing.

There is more murmuring in the crowd and then Mirka says, “So, who will take up the call? Who will ride with us?”

Sigurd steps forward and says, “My cousin’s husband was slain. I will take up this call.”

More murmurs come from the crowd. Then a skinny young man with a very prominent Adam’s apple almost stumbles from the crowd and comes forward. “I will come.” There are some chuckles and more murmurs. There are also some whispers of “Yes, let Nodwick go.”

Another man steps forward. He is a broad-shouldered man, dressed as a farmer. He says, “I will go.” This pronouncement is followed by gasps and “Oooo’s”.

A woman steps forward and says, “I will go.” This is followed by more murmuring.

Mirka asks, “Who else will go?”

There are more murmurs in the crowd, but no one else steps forward. Mirka calls out again, “Who else will take up the call?” No one else comes forward.

“Those that have come forward, come with me to the temple of Ulfethinn. You have done a mighty thing. The Thunderer will bless you.” She leads the volunteers out of the village toward the temple.

Surm and Mõrvar start snaking their way through the crowd toward Lazar. Surm tells Lazar “It seems that some of your villagers have just volunteered to go.”

“It appears so.”

“Well, we’re leaving in the morning. So, that would be a fine opportunity, if you wanted to, to wish us well, give us Bruni’s blessing, and to show your support for the quest. I fear that if you continue to withhold your support that there is a little bit of division happening here. Obviously not everyone agrees that it is a foolhardy quest.”

He just looks at Surm and turns and walks away.

“You know something, brother? I’m getting the feeling that Lazar doesn’t like me,” Surm says to Mõrvar.

Mõrvar says, “That’s his problem, brother.”

“Well, that hurts.”

“Well, if it helps, I like you.”

“Thanks. I imagine someday I’ll rescue Lazar from a warlord and then he’ll like me,” Surm says.

Meanwhile, Rilka follows Mirka and the volunteers to the temple of Ulfethinn. Everyone is let inside the sanctuary. Mirka performs a blessing upon all of the assembled. She says that the Thunderer will be “looking upon us all as we join this quest to bring justice back to Yrda” and that the temple of Ulfethinn has a few things to provide these volunteers.

Sigurd says that he has his own gear, but the other three come forward. These are introduced as Nodwick, Kalthin, and Sadwina. These three are given short spears and suits of padded armor. Mirka tells them to report to the encampment of Rilka and her band in the morning, from where they will be heading out. She also tells them to round up whatever provisions they can. The volunteers leave the temple and Rilka returns to the encampment.

At the encampment, guards are set and Rilka announces that she is going to the temple of Bruni to pray for the night. They then discuss their level of provisions and the need to re-provision in a larger settlement. They also, once again, discuss Rilka’s decision to take on the yeti problem on her own and how Surm and Mõrvar think that is a bad idea, despite the interpretation of Rilka’s vision.

The biggest settlement is Josemeedt, which is east—the opposite direction. However, eventually, they hit upon the idea of going to Rosemeedt, which is actually not very far from Valtan. So Rilka can go on her yeti quest after they re-provision in Rosemeedt and then they can move on into the Daggerspine where the temple to Jörn is.

Rilka goes to the sanctuary of the temple to Bruni to pray for courage and bravery in the task that lays before them. When she finishes her prayers, she looks up and sees Lazar standing in the doorway.

“Father,” she says.


“I had hoped to see you.”

The two meet and embrace. Rilka says, “May I have your blessing?”

Lazar says, “As a father, I ask you, don’t do this.”

“I’m doing this because of my faith.”

“I don’t think you understand what you’re walking into. These men are dangerous.”

“I know.”

“There are many of them.”

“I know. But I believe our gods go with us,” Rilka says.

“I cannot give you my blessing in this, but I can give you my love,” he says.

“Then I will take your love.”

“Tomorrow, for the sake of the village, for the sake of unity and order, I will go and place the blessing of Bruni upon your band,” he says.

“I am glad,” Rilka says. “I love you and I will return.”

“I hope that you do.”

Rilka embraces the priest again and heads back to the encampment.


3 Longday 508

As the encampment makes preparations to leave, the village is stirring and gathering near. Mõrvar attempts to look as intimidating as possible as he makes his preparations. Olaf and his farmers have arrived and gathered, as well as the volunteers and Sigurd. Surm has Mahgnus take an inventory of the provisions being taken by the volunteers. Everyone is apprised of the plan to travel to Rosemeedt.

The elder priests, Jonthin and Lazar, arrive and Jonthin says aloud, “People of Yrda. The gathered here go to avenge and to bring back the blood-price for our fallen king. They shall go with the blessings of the gods upon them.”

Furfur alights from Mõrvar’s shoulder and shits in the center of the gathering as Jonthin finishes the blessing of the All-Father.

“And for courage,” Lazar says, “which the party will need in the presence of the enemy, Bruni will provide his blessing.”

Once again, the raven deposits a load of bird shit in the center of gathering as the priest completes his blessing. Furfur then returns to Mõrvar’s shoulder.

The two priests leave to allow everyone to finish their preparations.

Mahgnus tells Surm that the volunteers each have seven days of non-trail rations to sustain them—bread, cheese, that sort of thing, and a waterskin. Sigurd has two weeks of trail rations, but he also mentioned that he was a hunter.

Mõrvar introduces himself to the three other volunteers and asks them what their talents are. Nodwick is a thatcher. Kalthin is a farmer (pigs, specifically). Sadwina is also a farmer, though of vegetables and grain. He asks if they have any skills outside of their profession and Sadwina volunteers that she can sew. Mõrvar asks if any of them have wielded a weapon before and Kalthin says that he does done some militia work for the town. Mõrvar then asks if any of them have had to take a life. No, they haven’t.

The three volunteers do not have horses and Olaf and the farmers from Valtan do not have horses, so the troupe will be traveling at walking speed toward Rosemeedt.

Finally, with all preparations made, the troupe moves out in a large caravan to the west.

According to the questioning they did of the Jörnite priest, there is a fifteen-mile pass in the mountains about thirty-five miles from Rosemeedt. Surm uses this information to figure out how many days of provisions they need to buy once they get to that settlement. Based on the fact that some of their band is walking, and that they can’t take their horses through the trackless mountains, they figure it will take four days through the mountains and then another three through the pass.

Surm and Rilka discuss, once again, Rilka’s plans take on the yeti on her own. Surm insists that he can’t just watch her get pummeled by the yeti. Or the yeti’s family. Or the ogres that live near the yeti. The rest of the party wants to be involved in the quest. Rilka insists that when it comes to fighting the yeti, that the others need to step back and let her face it. “But what if you’re losing?” Surm insists. Finally, Rilka relents and says that if she’s losing, the others can step in. But she wants to show bravery before her god; she wants the chance to take it on one-on-one.

Mõrvar, on the other hand, interprets her vision as the party being her sword and that they all should take on the yeti.

Along the way, Savaric speaks with Mirka, complimenting her on her speech and making small talk. She thanks him for the compliment and converses with him.

The troupe travels through the day and as night falls, people start making camp and guard shifts are established.

The night passes without incident.

4 Longday 508

The troupe breaks camp and begins traveling once again to the west toward Rosemeedt.

Savaric offers his horse to Sadwina, but she politely declines as she does not know how to ride, being more familiar with draft animals.

Mirka rides with Savaric as they travel, conversing with him throughout the day. Savaric asks her how she got into the priesthood and about her life. She answers that she grew up in Yrda as an orphan, raised in the temple of Ulfethinn, grew to embrace the Thunderer and longed for a quest to prove her prowess.

The day passes without any other events and as the day comes to a close, the troupe begins to make camp.

The night passes without incident.

5 Longday 508

On this morning, the troupe arrives at the palisade of the settlement of Rosemeedt.

The settlement is busy, with Tradespeak and Roslag being spoken frequently by the people of the settlement. Much trade is being done by various peoples camping both inside and outside of the settlement.

The party once again discusses the possibility of hiring on more guards. Surm and Mõrvar are for it, but Rilka and Savaric require a bit more convincing. Eventually they decide to get the opinion of their existing guards. Surm has Mahgnus talk to Alasir and Sorcha to see if they feel they need more help. The valet returns and reports that both guards feel that they would agree that they do not feel overworked, but that more numbers would make it easier to perform in a manner in which they would be able to protect the party as opposed to being just an extra sword arm. The way that Alasir put is that he feels that he is less of a guard and more of an extra sword, that with extra men that he could actually guard. Sorcha agreed and brought up the incident the other night at the village in which they tried to surround the thief with only two people.

Mõrvar wants to have a total of ten guards. Surm agrees and wants to promote Alasir, a former militiaman, to sergeant. Savaric asks Mahgnus’ opinion and he demurs; he is merely a valet and is reporting what the professional soldiers have said. Rilka and Savaric are finally convinced.

Surm summons Alasir. “We have decided to hire more guards. You are going to join in hiring guards, interviewing and hiring them.”

“I see.”

“I’m putting you in charge of that. We’re also putting you in charge of those guards. I believe you have soldiery experience?” Surm asks.

“I was part of a militia.”

“You’ve been with us for a little while. We like you. You have militia experience. So, we’re putting you in charge.”

“Thank you!”

“Let’s go hire some guards.”

Surm and Mõrvar go to buy provisions and recruit guards, while Rilka, Savaric, and Mirka go to the longhouse of the temple of Yülthn and the watchtower of Saemundil to see if they can recruit priests.

The longhouse of Yülthn is the largest longhouse in Rosemeedt. There is a raucous common room filled with long tables with men and women hoisting mugs of ale and mead. The three half-orcs are met by a serving wench who bids them welcome. They ask to see a priest and the wench takes them through the common room to a table toward the back of the common room where they see a man sipping from a large tankard, his crooked staff of office leaning against the table. He’s wearing a simple robe. He looks up and the wench says, “Ivarin. Strangers to see you.”

Rilka says. “I am Rilka Lazarsdottir, follower of Bruni. This is Mirka, priestess of Ulfethinn. And this is Savaric, Master Hunter. We wish to speak with you of slightly sensitive matters. Is there a place we can speak with you and not be overheard?”

Ivarin looks at them and says, “Three half-orcs in one day. That’s a record.”

“We are nothing if not eye-catching,” Rilka says.

He gives them an amused smile and says, “Very well. Come with me.” He takes them into a back room of the longhouse and shuts the door. It’s a simple room. He sits in one of the chairs and motions for the others to the same. “What can I do for a fellow priest and follow of the gods?”

“We are freshly come from Yrda,” Rilka says.

“Never heard of it,” Ivarin says.

“It’s a small village to the east. I originally hail from and Mirka actually lives there and is one of the elders. Three days ago our king was assassinated by those involved with the temple of Jörn. Our king’s wife has asked for weregild. We travel that way,” Rilka says.

“For the assassin’s family?” Ivarin asks.

“The assassin has no family so the weregild is being levied against the temple,” Rilka says.

“The temple? That’s unusual,” Ivarin says.

“Since the actual assassin didn’t have any family, we felt that his closest relation was with this temple, and seeing as how grieved his wife was and how passionate his wife was for weregild, we felt we had no choice but to tax this temple for it,” Savaric says.

“So, my village is small, but we are going for the honor of our village, for the honor of our queen, to help demonstrate that our village is not easy prey for any warlord to come and destroy,” Rilka says.

“I see,” Ivarin says.

“We’re hoping to find any other priests that might wish to join us,” Rilka says.

“And so you come knocking upon my door,” Ivarin says.

“This is the temple of the All-Father,” Rilka says.

“The All-Father’s son has been naughty,” Ivarin says. “And you want to see if the All-Father will give him a spanking.”

Mirka says, “Of course, it is not just the three of us against this temple. We are gathering a force to take them are. We know where they are. We have representatives from our villages. We seek to gather others along our path. The Thunderer is with us, as is Bruni. We seek justice, nothing more.”

Ivarin asks, “How big is this force?”

“There are nine of us thus far,” Rilka says.

“Do you know what kind of force you’re facing?” Ivarin asks.

“Nineteen,” Rilka says. “I don’t know if they’re all priests or if some are acolytes.”

“Nineteen? I can see why you’ve come to me,” Ivarin says. “I’m not sure about you’re odds, but do you have a plan?”

“To succeed. With courage,” Rilka says.

“Bravery and courage are one thing, but do you have a plan?” Ivarin asks.

“It’s a work in progress,” Rilka says. “At this point, it’s difficult to plan if we don’t know all of our resources.”

“That’s fair,” Ivarin allows.

“At this point, I don’t think they’re going to pay us the weregild,” Rilka says.

“I think that’s a fair statement,” Ivarin says. “How long will you be in Rosemeedt?”

“Right now we’re re-provisioning. Why?” Rilka asks.

“Well, I’d like some time to think on it,” Ivarin says.

“If we come by in the morning, would that be alright?”

“That would be time enough,” he says.

The half-orcs rise and Rilka asks who heads the temple of Saemundil.

“Lavandarr,” Ivarin says.

The three make their way out of the longhouse and head to the watchtower of Saemundil.

The watchtower of Saemundil is located in the center of the settlement. The three half-orcs approach the gate and are met by a guard. Rilka asks to speak to Lavandarr and they asked “On what business?” Rilka responds “On protecting the weak.” The guard doesn’t seem to respond and Rilka continues. “I am Rilka Lazarsdottir, follower of Bruni. This is Mirka, priestess of Ulfethinn, and this is Savaric. We come on behalf of our village.”

Mirka steps forward. “By the Thunderer, you will let us in!”

The guard gulps and says, “Very well,” and then lets the three half-orcs into the watchtower. They are let into an entry chamber and asked to wait. The guard returns to his post outside and another guard is sent to fetch Lavandarr. After a few moments, a woman in a long gown with a silver-tipped horn at her belt comes in. She says, “I am Lavandarr.”

Rilka says, “We come from the village of Yrda.”

“I’ve never heard of it,” Lavandarr says.

“It’s a small village. There are about a hundred of us. It lies due east. About three nights ago, an assassin sent by the temple of Jörn killed our king, leaving a very small boy and a grieving wife. Since the assassin has no family, the wife has decided to claim weregild against the temple,” Rilka says.

Lavandarr raises her eyebrows at that. Rilka continues. “We go to also ensure that our town does not appear to be weak. We are worried that having such a young boy and no king that we will be easy prey for warlords coming through. And so we go. We stopped here to re-provision and hopefully to find people to join us. We have spoke to Ivarin of the temple of Yülthn and he shall be giving us an answer in the morning.”

“To seek weregild against the temple is an unusual thing, but to seek protection for your village is something I can understand,” Lavandarr says.

“We are a force of nine, as of now,” Rilka says. “The priestess, myself, a few others. We could not spare many from my village; we do not have many fighters. We must leave behind a force to protect those that are there, the queen and the young heir.”

“The cult of Jörn is an evil, evil thing,” Lavandarr says.

“I’m not sure they’ll be very receptive to our claim,” Rilka says, “We shall see.”

“No, I do not think so,” Lavandarr agrees.

“This is something that we must do. I do not want my village to be vulnerable. It must be protected and safe,” Rilka says.

“So you seek the assistance of my temple in this?” Lavandarr asks.

“Yes. I am a worshipper of Bruni, but I am no priestess. Mirka has the power of Ulfethinn on her side. I suspect that if we are going against priests of Jörn, then we will need more assistance from the divine,” Rilka says.

“How far is this temple?” Lavandarr asks.

“The pass is thirty-five miles from here and the pass itself is fifteen miles long. We are also escorting a group to Valtan. They have a yeti. I have sworn to help. As soon as that is dealt with, then we are heading for the temple,” Rilka says.

“You will have the protection of Saemundil on your journey,” Lavandarr says with conviction.

Rilka takes her hands and says “Thank you. Shall we come by in the morning?”

“Is that when your band leaves?”

“That is currently the idea, although that is when I shall hear from the temple of Yülthn. Regardless, we will be leaving tomorrow.”

“Then we will be ready tomorrow.”

Rilka and the others head back to meet back up with the rest of the group.

Surm asks Mahgnus, in his opinion, what kind raise Alasir needs. Mahgnus says that he should get a 2/3 raise, but not a double raise. Surm calls Alasir in and informs him that he has received a raise of two more silver per day, that he is now a sergeant and is in charge of all of these new recruits and that he needs to pick a second. He’ll need some time to assess the recruits before picking a second, but he’s fine with the new responsibilities and the raise.

Rilka assesses the hirelings based on her experience as a soldier and finds that they are experienced and competent warriors of varying degrees. Most of them are of similar experience to themselves, some are even more so.

Rilka reports on her success with the temple of Saemundil and the upcoming news with the temple of Yülthn.

The party decides set up a camp within the palisade of the settlement and then head to the hall of Yülthn for some drinks. But first they get some hot baths.

After baths, they head to the longhouse of Yülthn. The common room is made up of a series of long tables with men and women drinking tall tankards of mead and ale. Once they get in the longhouse and get a place to sit, Savaric makes sure he is sitting next to Mirka. He buys her a tankard of mead and makes conversation, trying to ensure that the priestess has a nice evening.

Mõrvar, for his part, scopes out the room for the prettiest female he can find. He spots an attractive woman drinking mead and conversing with a group of men and women. He makes his way over to her and asks if she would like to have a drink with him. She looks at him and says “There’s room at the bench,” and invites him to sit down with her. He sits and begins to chat her up. Her name is Katya and she introduces Mõrvar to the rest of her party.

Meanwhile, Savaric tells Mirka, “Watch this. It might be funny. It might be hilarious. This could be the event of our night.”

Mõrvar introduces himself to Katya and flirts with her and tries to get in good with her, hoping to draw her away from her party for a rendezvous. After a while, Katya seems to be paying more attention to her friends than to Mõrvar and he excuses himself, looking for other prey.

Mõrvar finally finds a willing accomplice named Fenla. He secures a room for the night and takes his companion with him, leaving the party back in the common room.

The rest of the party heads back to their base camp.


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