Campaign of the Month: September 2018

Shadows of the Rift

Session Ninety-Four

Dire Victory


18 Chillwind 509

The battle with the Dire Wolves rages on as the blue dragon draws ever closer.

Surm puts up a Wall of Bones to curtail those warriors that escape from the Black Tentacles. The other squads continue battling their formidable opponents. Krrish follows two of the Dire Wolf specialists out a window of the house and joins in battle with them. Jerrik, Garth, and Burask fall to the Dire Wolf onslaught. Burask is slain, while the others are merely injured.

The dragon flies by the Crimson Cord warriors gathered with Rilka. It breathes is lightning breath and injures one of the Crimson Cord guards. It comes back around to land and proceeds to bite Alasir viciously, ignoring the mostly ineffective attacks of the other guards. Savaric fires on the beast from his rooftop perch with the dragon’ bane arrows, doing a significant amount of damage. Krrish tries to use the copper wire he got off of Grazella Domane to control the dragon, ordering it to surrender. It responds “I think not” and continues its assault. Finally, Rilka comes forward and finally dispatches the beast, removing its head.

The Cord then proceeds to clean up the remaining Dire Wolves, finally dispatching them all. The bodies of the fallen are gathered to be healed, as well as the standing injured. Surm and Savaric call Rilka over to tell her about Burask. She has Alasir bring Kortash to her so she can break the news to his twin brother. Kortash spends time alone with his brother’s corpse while the others gather the bodies for loot and for disposal. Krissh brings out the bodies of Grazella Domane, Coldtongue, and specialists inside the house. He also finds plans for the gateway and a ledger. The plans mention the armies of a “Belphagorus”.

Surm heads to the marketplace to see Anghus Norren to confirm that all of the Dire Wolves are accounted for. The reeve comes to the battle site and confirms that all have been slain.

The main members of the Cord and Anghus discuss what to do with the gateway. Surm brings up the fact that the Queen may want to use it to strike back at this Belphagorus—perhaps they shouldn’t dismantle it just yet. It only works from this side of the gate, so as long as none of the townsfolk have the arcane knowledge to complete the edifice, it should be safe. Surm could figure is out with time plus they have the plans. Anghus says that he would rather dismantle it, but if Her Majesty wishes to utilize it, then he will of course defer to her. He only cares for the safety of the townsfolk.

Surm also breaks the news that Lord Cannach is most likely dead, having been replaced by a double. Who will Anghus answer to now? Whoever Lord Cannach’s liege lord was. Hopefully they will take over soon so they can have some stability. Anghus serves at the will of the lord of the lands. Surm says he will put in a good word for him.

After the bodies and loot are gathered, the Cord sets up camp for the night.

19 Chillwind 509

The next morning, a small service is given for Burask. Rilka says a few words regarding his bravery and other speak up regarding his camaraderie. He is interred in a small grave on the outskirts of town. The Dire Wolves will all be cremated upon pyres.

Surm, Rilka, Savaric, Krissh, and Lynecit all teleport to Aldasar to meet with the Queen of Leilior. Surm takes them to the Lord Mayor’s bedchamber. They eventually meet with him and tell him of what has occurred back in Leodin. He agrees to arrange for an audience with Her Majesty. He is Lord Cannach’s liege lord, and so will be taking over his lands. Surm tells him of Willton Ginnis’ role in revealing this plot, as well of Anghus’ loyalty and good work gathering the townsfolk during the battle. The Lord Mayor agrees that he will keep Anghus on as reeve.

The Lord Mayor also reveals the the Queen sent squads of her elite soldiers out with inquisitors of the church of Cereth to purge the doppelgangers from the ranks of the nobility. About a dozen were found in all, including Lord Cannach’s double. They were all destroyed.

The adventurers wait in the Lord Mayor’s parlor while he makes the arrangements for a special audience with the Queen. About forty-five minutes later, he summons them to a carriage to go to the palace. The carriage arrives after a few checkpoints and the companions are escorted to a receiving room by a royal steward. There, they see the Queen seated upon an ornate seat at the end of a lush red carpet. The companions come forward and bow in respect.

Surm reports on the events that took place in Leodin and their subsequent victory over the Dire Wolves. He also tells her of the edifice/gate and how they left it in place. The Queen states that she would rather it be dismantled than use it—she doesn’t know what her troops would find on the other side. Krrish comes close to volunteering them to find out that information, but they do not.

Surm also tells her Belphagorus. Though the Queen is stony-faced, he does see a glimmer of recognition in her eyes. He presses her on it and she reveals that this Belphagorus is a follower of the demon lord Shax and has already assassinated her sister and was caught gathering an illegal cult in Kalimsport. She doesn’t know the source of his ambition to overthrow her.

The Queen also bestows the title of Baronet on Rilka, Surm, Savaric, and Krrish. She gives them a sealed proclamation to go with it. She will also be knighting Willton Ginnis for his work in revealing the plot.

Sensing a dismissal, the companions ride in their carriage back to the Lord Mayor’s estate.


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