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Shadows of the Rift

Session Forty-Eight



2 Harvest 508

Savaric signals to the others that the orcs are down and their way out of the building is safe—for now. As Surm, Mõrvar, and Rilka make their way out of the structure with Kerendal, Surm throws up a quiver of arrows to Savaric that they had managed to secure from the dead Gorruk. They then start heading west toward the beach.

As they run down the wide, ruined street, they are met by a female orc with an outlandish headdress and a necklace of finger bones. Surm and Kerendal continue to run west while Rilka and Mõrvar face the woman. After a brief battle, in which the woman is revealed to be a spellcaster of some sort, she is defeated by the warriors and Mõrvar chops off her head.

Meanwhile, Surm and Kerendal arrive at the beach. Surm spots three large barges that the orcs probably use to get off the island. He also spots the Ivory Horn and the Azure Dawn approaching. The griffons, sans Alban and Jalynel, have arrived with the prisoners.

Surm goes to one of the barges and finds a bucket of pitch. This he uses to catch the boat on fire. He does this to a second barge as well. As the second boat catches fire, Mõrvar and Rilka arrive on the beach.

Meanwhile, Savaric makes good his escape, taking out the last of the orcs assailing Alban and Jalynel, and they all start making their way west toward the beach.

Surm manages to herd all of the prisoners onto the barge. Savaric, Alban, and Jalynel arrive as board as well. Finally, Rilka and Mõrvar board and they strike out for the ships.

Looking back, they see a group of orc warriors emerge onto the beach and the burning remains of their barges. A few fire half-hearted shots at the escaping barge, but miss handily.

They arrive at the Ivory Horn, as it is the larger of the ships, and get everyone aboard. Surm introduces himself to the captain, Jocasta Smallbridge. Then they set sail back for Asdari.

While waiting on the deck of the ship, after a long discussion amongst themselves, the party decides to give Alban the talking scabbard as a gesture of goodwill. He accepts the gift graciously and the scabbard seems pleased to be matched with a paladin of Barthal.

Surm has a conversation with Master Kerendal about why he was looking for him—the translation of the Aedonii obelisk. Kerendal is excited about studying such a find and would be happy to do so for those that saved him from the orcs.

The ship weighs anchor outside of an area known as The Kraken’s Teeth, not wanting to traverse such treacherous waters at night.

3 Harvest 508

After a long discussion, it is decided that the party will not split their found treasure with the Bronze Griffons. They agreed to help for pay, and that is all they will receive (other than the gift of the scabbard).

Rilka goes with Alban to cast Lesser Restoration on him for his wounds. The party also sets up a triage for the refugees with Savaric providing healing. Surm negotiates some careful diplomacy to convince the prisoners to allow healing from a half-orc, but they manage. Surm also manages a delicate conversation with the women refugees to determine if any of them have been impregnated. It is revealed that Angelet and Darice are both probably pregnant. Darice seems to be taking this in stride, but Angelet, the broken former guard, is not. Surm offers comfort the best he can.

Meanwhile, the ships navigate their way through the narrow straits between the Kraken’s Teeth and emerge into the sea on the other side.

9 Harvest 508

After several days of smooth sailing, the ships arrive at the harbor of Asdari.

After a discussion about the fate of the refugees, the Bronze Griffons offer to pay half of the expenses to send them home from their cut of the money. This is mostly due to stern looks from Alban to Jalynel.

Darice lives in Asdari. The party promises to return in Ardor to claim her child and take it to a good home. They also make the same offer to Angelet, who seems more than happy to oblige. She lives in Kalimsport, so the party will not have to travel as far to keep their promise.

Both the Bronze Griffons and the party decide to stay in the Arrow of Lightning inn. Noor Khandasi says her goodbyes and makes her way back to The Hydra.

The party have much to discuss now that this adventure is essentially over. After a very brief conversation, Surm is admitted back into the group. Then, a much longer discussion ensues about the name, with them eventually coming to agreement on The Red Kindred—later changed to the Crimson Cord. The group’s banner is also discussed and it is decided to go with the valknut design without the individual sigils of the members.

Surm goes to Mahgnus and Alasir and explains to them the change in future plans and the situation with Angelet. They both agree to remain with the company.

The group also agrees to give Alasir the magical full-plate armor, cloak of resistance, and half-plate that was found to distribute to the guards as he sees fit. Everyone also receives a cure moderate wounds potion.

Rilka buys a round Applejack for the house.

10 Harvest 508

The party spends the day selling various items and conducting business. They then leave Asdari for Kalimsport.

12 Harvest 508

The party arrives at the city of Zyend. They decide to move around the city and continue on toward Kalimsport.

16 Harvest 508

The party crosses through Kuskar.

18 Harvest 508

The party finally arrives in the city of Kalimsport in the late afternoon. They establish rooms at Red Wolf Hall, stable Ghost, and then escort Angelet back to her family’s home. Surm delicately explains the situation to her family, including the accepted offer to take the child, and also gives the family ten platinum for her care.

Mõrvar picks up his custom-made armor.

They return to the Hall and Surm has Mahgnus pay the guards. Then they head to the University with Master Kerendal. Surm gets paid and makes a speech regarding what they have done. Master Kerendal takes a look at the obelisk and is very excited about it. He thinks he can get a basic translation of the piece in a day. The party agrees to return in a day to hear about what the obelisk says.

Rilka writes a letter to Mirka regarding the possibility of fostering the half-orc children and sends it off to Yrda.


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