Campaign of the Month: September 2018

Shadows of the Rift

Session Fifty-Three

The Dragon's Lair


24 Hearth 508

The party has just finished off the roper and Mõrvar has run it through. The party decides to press on toward the Drow stronghold of House Illythis.

Eventually, both Cyrus and Savaric report that they have come across the dragon’s chamber. Savaric volunteers to scout ahead and check it out. He activates Ilona and goes forth invisibly to check out the dragon.

Suddenly, the massive creature, which fills the magma-filled chamber with its leathery red wings and gleaming white talons, whips its tail around and strikes Savaric. It yells, “Must destroy intruders!” as it does so. Savaric picks himself up and retreats back to the group.

After much discussion, Surm leads the party out toward the dragon’s chamber. He calls out that he wishes to parley with the great dragon. It whips its massive head around to face the sorcerer, but Surm doesn’t falter. It reiterates that it must destroy intruders. It is clear that this is a compulsion placed by the holder of the Orb. Surm and the rest of the party back away so that they are no longer intruding in the chamber.

“May we speak?” Surm calls out.

“Speak!” the dragon returns.

The two enter into a long negotiation. The dragon is called Perdurriex the Mighty “…and your Doom…” he says. Surm manages to convince Perdurriex that if it lets the party pass and retrieve the Orb, they will not use it against him. Further, they can work around the compulsion by letting them pass as guests of Perdurriex, not intruders. Perdurriex agrees.

The party cautiously approaches and passes by, but the dragon keeps his word and allows them to pass. They navigate the narrow igneous rock paths between the pools of magma that make up the chamber. Finally, they make it to the other side.

On the other side, they encounter a large chamber filled with 12 Drow guards and 2 Drider. The party regroups, forms a plan, and attacks them invisibly. They emerge victorious. Mõrvar decapitates the bodies. They loot the bodies and continue onward.

They eventually come to a place where they must choose between a spiral staircase or a ramp, both leading up. They take the spiral stair.

The staircase leads up into a wardrobe that opens up into a lavish bedroom that is currently vacant. They take a jewelry box off of the vanity and explore the room. Savaric finds a secret panel along the east wall and opens it…and is surprised when a Drow on the other side throws a barrage of daggers at him.


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