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Shadows of the Rift

Session Fifty-Five



25 Hearth 508

The Crimson Cord is accompanying the ghoul ranger Cyrus out of the underground realms. Cyrus is leading the way with his undead leopard.

Along the way, the party encounters one of the deadly and dangers ropers—a particularly nasty denizen of the underground realms. They finally manage to subdue the beast, but it is a near-thing.

They finally find a place to make camp and settle in for the night.

26 Hearth 508

After several more hours of trudging through the caverns, the party emerges into the afternoon sunlight of the surface world. They bid goodbye an awkward goodbye to Cyrus and Savaric attempts to get his bearings in order to find his way back to civilization.

The ranger determines that they are in the southern end of the Rift and that they are probably not too far from where they put into the underground realms. So they pack up and head north, hoping to hit Qwast or Tower Yenuil.

27 Hearth 508

Sure enough, on this day, they arrive at the village of Qwast. They reunite with their guards and head to the village inn to get local news. They ask about for Burkas Feldspar and hear that the dwarf did, in fact, come through some day past. After getting settled with the guards, the main party then decide to head to the Tower Yenuil to complete their business with Master Brathorocc.

Once again, they are met at the door by the beautiful hostess in the green gown and are given hospitality in the sitting room. Surm is admitted to the basement chambers of the drow mage and allowed to speak with him. After a brief, cryptic conversation, and a negotiation concerning several items found on their journey, Brathorocc settles on the Extractor’s Gloves as payment for his information. Surm returns to the group and they take their leave of the tower and return to their encampment outside of Qwast.

28 Hearth 508

The Crimson Cord and their entourage leave Qwast to return to Kalimsport.

5 Longnight 508

As the party travels through the forests in Kuskar, near the border of Ornis, Mõrvar suddenly knows that a green dragon has entered the area within ten miles of the entourage. The troupe makes preparations, hiding in the overgrowth and being prepared to fight, if necessary. Sure enough, a huge, adult green dragon flies low overhead and then moves on, seemingly oblivious to the troupe.

The rest of the day goes by without incident.

8 Longnight 508

The troupe arrives at the gates of Kalimsport. They all head straight to the University, where they secure rooms at the dormitory (per their arrangement) and an audience with the Chancellor. They explain to him their successful mission and the import of it. The Chancellor says that he will rouse the Deans and arrange for a viewing of the finds in one of the lecture halls.

The party cooperates with the University in arranging the viewing and the Deans arrive at Lecture Hall #5 to view the various mystical items recovered—including the Orb, which is still covered by a bag. After the viewing the Deans and the Chancellor confer and then the Chancellor comes to the party and reveals that, of course, the Orb is what they will select for their year’s worth of study. However, they are interested in purchasing some of the items if they are willing to sell. Negotiations are made and sales are finalized. Mõrvar assists by placing the Orb in one of the study rooms.

After that, the party goes to visit Mandreth Kerendal to see how his translation of the Aedonii obelisk is going. The translation is going well—while he hasn’t gotten any new information, he has fine tuned the translation as far as the word choices and the beauty of the language.

While there, the party learns a bit more about one aspect of the quest—the Plateau of Leng.

  • The black ships of the Denizens of Leng can sometimes be found in the harbor of Tarsas, where they have dark dealings with slave traders there.
  • Kadath is a city on the Plateau of Leng. The Plateau of Leng is either a pocket within the Dimension of Dreams or accessible through it.

It was also speculated that the “Dead God” of the “Dead God’s Dark Breath” could be the Viper God.

9 Longnight 508

The party gets directions to various sages from the Chancellor to investigate the Plateau of Leng and the Viper God. They set these sages to the task of researching more information on these topics as part of their agreement with the University.

The party also sets Alasir to distributing the magic longswords and chainmail acquired in Ambraxaran to the guards.

In an effort to sell off some poisons in their possession, they get word from an apothecary about the Night Market—an illicit market in the city where they can sell off such goods. The party decides to send Savaric and Mõrvar to perform this task. The Night Market, which changes location periodically, is currently on a barge in the harbor.

The party spends the rest of the day selling off goods. At the end of the day, Savaric and Mõrvar head to the Fat Hero to see if Mõrvar’s “friend” Beldis is there. Sure enough, she is. The two chat for a bit and Mõrvar gets her to meet him later at Red Wolf Hall, convincing her that his fortunes are high and that she might be able to ride high as well. Then he and Savaric head to the Night Market to conduct their business.

At the Night Market, they find a dealer in poisons, but when Mõrvar goes to find his money pouch, he discovers that he’s been robbed. Angry, but unable to do anything about it at the moment, he and Savaric finish their business and leave. Savaric returns to the University while Mõrvar meets Beldis at the Red Wolf.

10 Longnight 508

Mõrvar brings Beldis with him to the University to meet the rest of the group…


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